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5 Tips to Keep Your Hair, Skin and Nails Healthy in Winter

The struggle is real during winter for our hair, skin and nails. With cold temperatures and biting winds, one of the first major changes in your daily regimen should be which beauty products you’re using. As your summer tan starts to fade and the humid weather becomes dry, the way we dress and take care of our hair, skin, and nails has to change with the season too. Check out five tips to keep in mind to stay glowing during winter and help take your beauty routine to the next level.

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1)  Reinforce your nails with vitamins 

During winter time our nails break and flake more often, but have you ever thought about why that is? Dry winter weather sucks moisture and makes nails become more brittle, which results in chipping and peeling. One way to combat this is by getting regular manicures to protect your nails with polish and nourish your nails with special nail treatments from brands like Dashing Diva. Since regular manicures aren’t within everyone’s budget and take up so much time, applying a coating of clear polish at home can also help fight peeling.

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2)  Use a nourishing moisturizer or body butter

One of the number one concerns during winter is dry skin, not just on our faces, but on our entire bodies. Some areas that are particularly susceptible during winter time are our heels, hands and lips. Moisturizers packed with nutrients like Vitamin C make a huge impact on keeping our skin soft and moisturized. To avoid chapped lips, try a natural lip balm with shea butter for extra moisturizing power.


3)  Condition those locks

Using a moisturizing conditioning treatment to prevent dry hair that’s prone to breakage during winter is key. You should always use a conditioner when shampooing your hair, but winter means supplementing your shower routine with a leave-in conditioner treatment. Natural moisturizing treatments like mayonnaise (yes, mayo) and coconut oil are always affordable options, but you can also buy an at-home conditioning hair treatment and use all winter long. These treatments are best when used on a weekly basis during winter to keep the frizz away, prevent breakage and boost shine.


4)  Skip the heat

If you can avoid blow-drying your hair, winter is the time to do so. If you can’t avoid blow-drying, make sure you’re using a quality blow-dryer with ionic properties on a lower temperature so you’re not encouraging breakage and drying. Much like hot tools including straighteners and curling irons, blow-drying on high heat sucks moisture and can end up frying your hair. When you don’t want to leave the house with wet hair during winter, using a lower heat can prevent this.

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5)  Don’t skimp out on dressing for the weather

A quick walk from your car to the cozy indoors can harm your skin with windburn, resulting in red irritation and flaky skin. To avoid this, make sure you bundle up and cover your face. After all, our skin is the largest organ on our bodies and we need to protect it! The summer bandana trend takes a cozier twist during winter with a knitted scarf to wrap around your neck and shield your cheeks.


Change your routine with the seasons

Putting away summer clothes and pulling out the sweaters can help you remember when it’s time to take extra care of your hair, skin and nails. Store your winter goodies in one place so you know where to go when the seasons change. Dry skin, dull hair, and chipped nails are not a good look for winter, but luckily there are ways to prevent these common winter beauty concerns. The weather’s a changin’ and so should how you take care of your body!

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By Jenna B
12th April 2017
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