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Hair Colour Trends in 2017: 9 Trends for All Kinds of Hair

Colouring your hair for the first time as a teenager or a young adult is almost always accompanied by a bit of trepidation and apprehension, but once you have taken that leap, there’s just no going back. Today, we will take a look at nine hair color trends that have taken 2017 by storm and will continue to be a hit even next year.


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Balayage has been popular for the last few years and thanks to the different varieties of the technique that stylists keep coming up with, it’s arguably the hottest trend in hair colour for 2017. Even if you are new to colouring your hair, balayage is a good choice because it doesn’t require too much maintenance either.

Colour Melting
It’s a colouring method which involves the usage of multiple tones to create a unique, natural effect on the whole strand (root to tip). Colour melting is a fairly new process which according to stylists, will continue to be popular for years to come.

Image credit: wellahair on Instagram

Metallic Tones
Metallic finishes are a matter of personal choice, but if you like it, then there are quite a few color options for you out there. It’s not a brand new trend, but metal hues saw soaring popularity in 2017.


Photo credit: Redken on Instagram.

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Touch of Grey
While colouring hair grey is likely not what people aim for, touches of it in natural dark coloured hair can look quite enticing. It’s a relatively new trend but it’s been particularly popular this year.

Caramel Highlights
Caramel highlights can go with long, short or medium length hair and they are perfect for all kinds of hair, irrespective of whether you are a blonde, brunette or raven haired; is there any reason why they won’t be in trend every year?


Photo credit: Wellahair on Instagram.

Platinum Blonde
The silver blonde is still in vogue, but it’s the platinum blonde that has taken the year by storm. Particularly suited for short hair, there are two versions of the colour; the platinum blonde and the extra platinum blonde.

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Pink Tips
Pink tips go particularly well with medium-long and short hair, but the tone of the pink will vary slightly, depending on how the rest of the hair is coloured.

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 12.20.45 pm

Image credit: wellahair on Instagram.

Subtle Ombré
Unlike the ombré we saw in 2016, this year, it’s all about subtlety. The length, the tip and the crown will display only very slight differences in tone to make the colour look more natural than usual.

Image credit: Redken on Instagram.

Reflective Raven
Now this one is a new trend that had started to gain popularity with Jessica Jones lead Krysten Ritter putting it on display on the show. When your complexion is particularly light, a reflective mane of contrasting black hair will definitely turn heads.

Not all of these colour trends are stand-alone mind you; in fact, quite a few of them can be mixed and matched with others to create even more gorgeous looking hair. It’s all about making the right choice after considering your skin tone, natural hair colour, hair length and personality.

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15th November 2017