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How Bondi Sands is getting us ready for summer

With summer approaching fast, the idea of exposing our bare legs is slightly daunting… But with Bondi Sands newest products, we can achieve a dark sun kissed tan in just hours. Hello Summer…

Thread headed along to the launch of Bondi Sands Ultra Dark and Everyday Gradual Tanning Foams, held at Auckland’s Seafarers Building. While sipping on coconuts, we heard about how these two products are next level tanning solutions.

Bondi Sands

The Ultra Dark Tanning Foam is their most advanced formula yet. With high levels of active ingredients and a beautiful coconut scent, this lightweight self-tanning foam creates the darkest self-tan in just one coat. It’s also super easy to apply due to the visibility of the guide colour, allowing you to spread the foam evenly on your skin –that means no more streaky tan lines.

For better results, using the Everyday Gradual Tanning Foam will help maintain your tan for the longest time possible. Or, you can simply use this product to build a deep, long lasting tan in 1-3 applications. Enriched with aloe vera, this body moisturiser will help keep your skin hydrated giving it a natural looking glow.  It’s perfect for those on the go as all you need to do is apply evenly onto clean skin in a circular motion, then wait until touch dry before getting dressed.

Here are our photos from the launch.

Bondi SandsBondi Sands

Bondi SandsBondi SandsBondi Sands

For more information on these products and where to find them, visit:

Bondi Sands

Words and photos by Ella McLean
29th September 2016


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