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How to use self tanning lotions for the best results

It is just natural to want to have flawless, healthy looking skin. Thanks to the best self tan lotions on the market, it’s easy to achieve a beautifully natural-looking tan that you have been looking for without the side effects of sun damage. If you want your self tanning lotion to really work effectively, you must know how to use it. Here’s a few easy steps to prepare and apply self tans.

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Exfoliate for smooth skin

The very first – and most crucial – step involves exfoliating a few days before you apply the tanning lotion. Exfoliating is vital because it will allow the lotion to work really well on the skin. Exfoliating is also easy. You just have to scrub yourself well while in the shower. Pay extra attention to the parts which tend to have skin folds like the elbows and knees.


Moisturize skin well

For a week before you apply the tanning lotion, you should moisturize your skin every day. The best self tanning lotions normally work very well on moisturized skin. On the day that you are planning to apply the lotion, ensure that you are very ready for it. You have to also make sure that you have just gently scrubbed the skin with warm water in order to remove any dirt for the best self tan results.

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Take your time

When using the best self tanning lotions, you need not to do it in a hurry. Take time to ensure that you rub well the lotion in all parts of the body. It will be also better if you get somebody to help you in applying the lotion to every area of your skin. When applying the tanning lotion, you need to start with one area of the body, and then you can move systematically to the rest.

Apply in a cool location

Avoid using the tanner in a steamy room as this will make the self tanner run off your skin leading to an uneven tan as well as streaks just because of the sweat. It is also very important to wait until the body has cooled down after a bath, before starting to apply the tanner.

The final results will be good on areas with folded skin such as knees and elbows if you mix the tanner lotion with a moisturizer.

Wash hands often or use a mitt

Also make a point of washing the hands often when you are applying self tan. Alternatively, you might use a somewhat damp or wet make up sponge to apply your lotion. After you have completed applying your lotion, you now need to wait for about 15 minutes as the lotion dries up then you put on your clothes.

Preparation makes for the best results

Rather than just spending too much time in the hot sun, if you are really interested in having a beautiful, really natural looking tan, then you need to know the process before you can start. Good preparation makes for the best results, and a great-looking tan.

30th August 2017
Sarah James

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