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I try teeth whitening for the first time at Lovely Smiles

I should really stay off the red wine and coffee from now on.

Years of bad behaviour has meant my Pearly Whites are more Grey’s Academy, so I have been super keen to try out tooth whitening to restore their shades from grey to pearl once more.

What’s stopped me, you ask? The things putting me off trying teeth whitening were 1) the pain, 2) the cost, and 3) potential damage to my tooth surface.

When I heard about a top quality, pain-free treatment that doesn’t damage your teeth, I headed along to Lovely Smiles NZ in Newmarket this week to try tooth whitening out for the very first time.

They kindly gave Threadnz readers a half-price offer, which you can see at the end of this post.

lovely smiles poster

Founder and owner JJ of Lovely Smiles, pictured below, named the business after his wife, whose nickname at home in India was “Lovely”, making it an apt moniker for the business whose motto is to make people smile.

JJ of Lovely Smiles

What makes Lovely Smiles different?

Lovelysmiles has a very low level of Hydrogen Peroxide (HP) but has added ingredients to strengthen the enamel. These ingredients are used in many dental products used to address people with poor or no enamel issues. So in addition to being safer, it strengthens teeth; a quality no other whitening system offers.

Lovelysmiles’ 3 in 1 patented gel is manufactured here in Albany, Auckland and is the only whitening gel made in New Zealand, unlike many cheap whitening units brought over from China.

It is reputable- it carries the NZ FernMark meaning you can trust its quality.

They have been in business for years, and have over 50,000 happy clients and are so confident that they offer a 100% money back guarantee.

In 2010 JJ was the founding President of the New Zealand Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Association which is recognised by the Environmental Protection Authority, Ministry of Health and the Dental Council of New Zealand as an equivalent of the New Zealand Dental Association.

Below: My before and after from just the intro session of 2x 20 minute slots. The full session is 4x 20 minute slots. I’ll be going back on Wednesday to finish then I’ll see the final result.

Below: the after photo. They measure the before and after shades using a tooth-matching chart so it is measureable and makes it easy – and quite satisfying! – to see the improvement. It is two shades lighter with just the 2x 20 minute slots I had, and will get exponentially lighter with subsequent sessions.

after lovely smiles megan

Thanks to Lovely Smiles, we have a half-price offer to share with readers. I don’t receive payment for this, I just want to share the offer so you can save money. If you click on their website and select your branch, and the Ultimate Whitening, instead of $299 it is $150. You will just pay the $150 deposit and no more, using the code threadNZ150.

Megan Robinson
22 January 2018

Disclosure: I was not paid for this post. I received services for review purposes. All opinions are my own.