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Looking beautiful on your wedding day

Your wedding is such a special day. You probably already know the kind of venue, décor and dress you want. But looking beautiful and unique on the day requires so much more than these; you need to take care of your health from the inside out. Wondering how to get started? Check out these tips.

Eat well

Eating healthily is the first step to preparing for a glowing and beautiful look on your wedding day. Make sure your diet comprises of fresh fruits, veggies and brown bread or rice. Lean meat like chicken or fish will keep you fit and will make your skin and hair glow over time. Don’t consume too many sweets, pastries or cookies. Enjoying home-cooked meals is the best way to go.

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Drink wisely

A sip of wine now and then will do no harm, but excessive alcohol intake will just make you bloated. Also, soft drinks and juices are full of refined sugar – instead, drink plenty of water and stay as hydrated as possible. You can add a slice of lemon or maybe fruits like watermelon, berries or pineapple for a great flavour. Don’t drink too much tea or coffee as well.

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Pick out cosmetics with care

There is no doubt that well-chosen cosmetics can make you look like a diva on the wedding day. But choose them from a reputed brand to avoid allergies, breakouts or skin problems like cosmetic acne. You don’t want your face to be covered in spots during or after the wedding. While choosing cosmetics, also make sure that they go well with your complexion and enhance your natural beauty. Don’t overdo on lipstick or eyebrow pencils for a dramatic look. Use waterproof makeup products since you never know how much you will sweat or if it will rain during an outdoor wedding. The makeup items should be in colours that complement your dress as well.

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Work out to stay fit

A toned body is a goal for many of us, but if you are someone who has never exercised before, start getting your heart pumping now. Go for brisk walks, take stairs instead of elevators, try skipping or practice simple free hand exercises to get in shape. Hit the gym if time and energy permits you or simply go for jogs with a friend. Jumping jacks, crunches and squats are a great way to tone up and get fit.

lunch from Ripe and flowers from lafemmefleur after a Barrefigure workout class wearing Cadenshae

Don’t forget accessories

No wedding dress is complete without the right accessories, be it a clutch, evening purse, jewellery, or shoes. Select colours that go well with your dress. Choose jewellery that you will wear afterwards for parties as well, to get good value out of it.


Shoes should be stylish yet comfortable. If stiletto heels are not your thing, go for wedges. All in all, being a bit careful can make your wedding a memorable event.

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7th December 2017

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