Smoky Eye Make-up Tutorial

Hazel went along to the first of two make-up workshops at Kirkaldie and Stains. This workshop, called ‘Simply Stunning’, showed us how to create a beautiful night time look, with the often daunting smoky eye…

Hazel went along to the first of two make-up workshops at Kirkaldie and Stains. This workshop, called ‘Simply Stunning’, showed us how to create a beautiful night time look, with the often daunting smoky eye…

Clinique is offering free beauty workshops to clients throughout New Zealand over the next month. The workshops are a great opportunity to learn about Clinique’s fantastic skin care range, while getting to play with make-up under the instruction of beauty professionals.

Simply Stunning started with the all-important three-step skin care regime. We cleansed, toned and moisturised with products to suit our different skin types, which were found by ticking a few simple boxes in our workbook. Our Clinique professionals, Regan, Sarah and Renae customised the experience by helping us choose some serums to suit each individual. These create silky smooth skin, while treating problems like wrinkles, dark spots and large pores.

Once our faces were prepped for make up, the girls helped us choose a foundation to suit our skin tone. When applying a liquid foundation, it’s best to use a make-up brush. This provides flawless coverage, while making your foundation go further. Apply the foundation to the back of your hand and dab the brush into it.

Remove any excess on to the hand so that you use as little as possible. Make short sweeping strokes on the face working from the inside out.

Below: Regan customized my base using a redness-cutting powder.

Concealer is not just for covering spots and redness. While you can apply it to problem areas, we also used the concealer to create light under the eyes. Similarly to foundation, use a small concealer brush to dab it from the hand and blend on to the face using feathery strokes.

Set your foundation with a powder. Not only does a powder set your base, it removes any unwanted shine and creates extra coverage. Use a large powder brush to lightly apply the powder to your face.

To create the smoky eye, we started with a cream shadow. This gives powder shadow something to cling to, so it lasts longer and creates greater intensity. We used a medium tone ‘Lid Smoothie’ and applied it using a small make up brush. Apply a small amount to the back of your hand and blend from the lash line to the crease.

For a lighter and more modern smoky eye, apply eyeliner to the upper lid only. Apply the liner along the lash line, then smudge it slightly upwards to create definition rather than a hard line. We used a dark purple colour to match my eye shadow palette.

You can create a smoky eye using a combination of colours, rather than sticking to black. Choose colours that make your eyes pop. Start with the darker eye shadow powder first. Using a shadow brush, pat and layer the shadow up to the crease of your eye. Build the intensity you desire, and then soften the edge. Apply the lighter shade to the crease and blend with the darker tone. You want a gradual change of tone, not a hard line. We also used the softer tone lightly along the bottom lashes to bring my look together.

Below: Sarah applies eyeshadow to lower lids using an eye contour brush.

Eyes are never finished without mascara. Apply two coats of your favourite mascara to bring attention to your beautiful eyes.

Next, enhance your cheekbones with a little blush. Because we were going for dramatic eyes, we kept the blush to a minimum, using a natural rosy tone. Dust a shimmery shade close to your own tones along the cheek bone using a blush brush.

Similarly, keep it natural with the lips. You want lips and blush to complement, not compete with the eyes. We used a rosy shade that was glossy, rather than matte, to finish my simply stunning look.

And there you have it. Great make up made easy. It was wonderful working in a group environment, while the girls from Clinique were really attentive and helped us to tailor-make our own looks.

Visit your nearest Clinique counter to book for a workshop near you. Below: Wellington’s Regan, Sarah, and Renae from Clinique with Hazel (

Hazel Penfold 5 June 2012
Photos by Oren Oaariki


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