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Self Tanning Lotions: a safe alternative to sunlight

In the start of 1920s, women began to desire a glowing suntan, and the craving still continues. Way back in the 1920s, achieving a golden bronze glow was wholly for the elite and affluent socialites. But, things begun to change gradually and there came a time when the general populace yearned for a tanned radiance. Ordinary people started flaunting the tanned look that was some time the privilege of the rich, associated with a life of idle leisure and vacations on beaches in the south of France. People began to bask under the sun in order to get an impeccable tan.

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Dangers of a suntan

This extra exposure to UV rays lead to problems such as wrinkles, creases, skin cancer and sagging. This is the main reason why people have lately switches to the healthier and safer option of using a self tanning lotion. You can achieve a natural-looking glow, without having to be exposed to the sun. In this post, we are going to share some of the advantages of tanning creams as well as lotions. The best self tanning lotion will offer a deeper tone to the complexion without one having to punish the skin by spending days under the sun’s scorching rays.

A natural-looking tan

The best self tanning lotion, when used on the face, neck, arms as well as the legs, will offer one a smooth, natural-looking complexion. The good news about these tanning products is that they are really simple to use and offer remarkable results – really fast. These products are really safe for use as your skin is never vulnerable to any risk or damage.

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Great-looking tan instantly, without sunburn

When one is using reliable products that are rich in Montmorillonite, Niacinamide, clay as well as Lilac Stem Cell, it will offer you an instant tanned result. The unique ingredients are also effective in lessening inflammation, as well as improving acne-prone skins. They have a light, subtle formula without feeling heavy or oily. Keep in mind that continuous exposure to the sun might result in imperfections such as crinkles, sagging, freckles and fine lines.

Simple and fast

Sunless tanning option is a fast, simple, and convenient shortcut to get a golden brown look. The tanners can also be used to hide stretch marks. Why spend more on a salon spray tan, when you can easily afford the best reasonably-priced tanning lotions and apply them from the comfort of your house? Also, you will achieve the coveted look in just minutes. These products are also good for those who have hard time tanning, as well as those with a fair complexion especially vulnerable to sunburn.

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Best results – fast 

For many tanning oils and lotions to work, you have to wait for two to four hours. Results mostly can last up to ten days. After this time, the tan can simply fade away naturally. Make sure you avoid cheap tanning lotions that use dyes to colour your skin.

30th August 2017
Sarah James

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