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Shaaanxo Gives Beauty Youtube Tips at SMCAKL

Shaaanxo gives beauty Youtube tips at SMCAKL from 15th February 2017 event ‘The Liked, The Followed, and the Shared: How to Win at Influencer Marketing.’ SMCAKL is a monthly event where the public can register online and come along, drink something cold (Invivo wines), eat something (Hell pizza), meet someone new, and learn something useful. There is no charge for food, drinks, and the event.


Watch the video on SMCAKL Facebook of the panel – Influencer and comedian Jimi Jackson; Julie Cooper, talent agent from Johnson & Laird Management; Toravel – Torrell from Cougar Boys; Janessa Bartsch from Benefit Cosmetics marketing; MCd by Zlata, CEO of Interlike – who spoke about influencer marketing latest trends, hacks and how tos including
– What is it like to be an influencer?
– What does it take to become one and stay relevant?
– How to work with social talent?
– What are influencer trends and who will land then next big international deal with top global brand?
– How do you come back from an epic public blunder?

Shannon Harris, the New Zealand beauty Youtuber sensation and most followed New Zealander on Youtube with over 2 million subscribers, gave her tips via camera with answers to five questions that have been submitted by the public. “Hopefully it’ll give you a little bit of insight into my social media career, and life!” Shannon says. See the full video played at SMCAKL on Facebook here and read points from it, below.

Shaanxo gives beauty Youtube tips at SMCAKL

  1. How do you come up with ideas to film each week? Do you ever run out of ideas, if so, what do you do? – Niki Chawla 

To be honest, I’m quite lucky: being a “beauty Youtuber”, there are constantly new products coming out, so it’s easy to do a review on something that is new, that is hyped. That way I can give my opinion to my viewers. A lot of people will always be searching for reviews on those kind of products; they want to know if it’s good or not. Those are always good to do if I’m feeling stuck and uncreative. If I’m feeling super super stuck I will just ask on Twitter, or my viewers, what they want to see. Often they’ll send pictures and say do that last Kylie Jenner look, or that Kim Kardashian look. And I feel that’s a really good way to do it; see what your viewers want to see. But at the top of the priority list, do what you enjoy filming. Because when you have fun in your videos, I feel like that really translates to the viewer.

Shaanxo SMCAKL

2. Are there any downsides to your job? – Alisha Jackson 

Personally being self-employed it’s kinda hard to step away from what you’re doing, it’s not a 9-5 job. When I worked at Countdown, at the end of a shift I hung up my apron and switched off. But with Youtube, you never really switch off. Even on a holiday, you’re still thinking about sharing your videos that are going up your social media, you’re doing your emails. Even when I try to completely leave it all behind, it still invades my brain. I find it really really hard to separate I think that’s the worst part of my job, luckily I enjoy most of it so much that when I do have to do a bit of work when I’m supposed to be relaxing, it’s not the worst.

Shaanxo SMCAKL

3. How do you make yourself stand out in a world filled with beauty bloggers? – Bella Jackman 

Honestly, your point of difference is just being yourself. And it sounds so cliche but I have seen other Youtubers try to be something they’re not, and it never worked out well; you just need to stay true to yourself; keep your personality as it is. Obviously if you’re just starting a Youtube channel, you’re not going to be really yourself as you’re going to be awkward and nervous,it’s so weird – but the more you talk to the camera, the more you get used to it, the more you can express yourself and be yourself. You’re all unique so the best point of difference is just be yourself. Every single Youtuber could film a bronze smokey eye tutorial, but if someone enjoys your presence and enjoys your personality, they’re gonna watch YOUR bronze smokey eye, they’re not going to watch someone else’s.


4. Have you ever been approached by a brand you did not believe in? How do you select the brands that best fit your strategy? – Amanda Akabane 

Yes of course I’ve been approached by products and brands that I do not believe in, do not use, or do not like, and you just politely decline, it’s as simple as that. I think it’s best to stick with products and brands you like; products you use, or products that you’re really keen to try. I have been approached by countless brands who release new makeup products or brands that are new brands on the market and I will try their stuff because it’s new and I love trying new stuff and if I like it, I will talk about it. And when it comes to products if I am doing a sponsorship, I will try to fit that product in as naturally as I can. Today I filmed a little skincare routine, so I was able to put a brand integration into that routine. I’m not going to go promoting Tony’s Tyre Service in my April Favourites or anything, you know what I mean?! Keep it natural, keep it to products that you actually like, actually use or actually recommend.


5. Do you have any advice for up and coming beauty bloggers? – Amber Howard 

Other than what I have just said on staying true to yourself and stick to what YOU enjoy filming, I would stay focused on the quality of your videos. It sounds bad, but it’s got to the point where everyone is filming with their Canon 60D and perfect lighting and studio set ups and all this stuff, and if you come in with a really bad quality camera and someone new stumbles across your video, they’re not going to want to sit there watching it because they’re not used to that anymore. Good thing is there are so many good cameras accessible to you nowadays, even your good old iPhone. Just make sure the footage is clear; make sure your voice is clear, and make sure you have good lighting. I use natural lighting, and it works perfectly for me. Sometimes I come across new and up and coming Youtubers and bloggers and I’ll click on their video and it’s just really really difficult to watch and you want to give these potential new subscribers the best first impression possible. Much as we hate it, first impressions really do matter, and we want to put our best videos forward; especially at the beginning. It’s such a competitive market right now, everyone and their dog has started a Youtube channel and an Instagram page and everything, so quality is really really important. Other than that, just have fun. I hope this helps some of you guys.


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Photos by Megan Robinson
19th February 2017