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Summer Skincare Tips for Busy Students

Summer weather can be very unkind to your skin, especially if you are studying, perhaps an online counseling degree, and don’t have time to devote to looking after and pampering your skin. Fortunately, there are some small changes you can make to your daily routine, which will help keep your skin soft, and youthful, all year around.

Drink Water

Water aids all of your body’s functions, as well as helping your appearance. This is because your body is made up of massive amounts of water. You lose so much of it during a normal day, even without exercise, so it needs replenishing to keep your body hydrated, and working at its best. Water will also help your skin keep its natural elasticity, keeping you wrinkle free for longer. Eight glasses a day is the recommended amount.


After a bad night’s sleep, your skin can look waxy and grey and you’ll have huge dark rings around your eyes. A great night’s sleep will help your skin glow. If you are studying for an online masters in counseling, be sure to turn the computer off and relax for an hour before bed to give your body the best chance of a great night’s sleep.

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Sleeping in makeup won’t just ruin your pillows – it’ll lead to clogged up pores and greasy skin, making spot outbreaks much more likely. Be sure to take your makeup off before bed every night, so your skin gets chance to recover from the day while you sleep.


Hot, dry summer weather can leave your skin dry, flaky and even sore. Using a gentle moisturizer, which suits your skin type, as this can help keep it soft and supple. You don’t need to use expensive products, just make sure they suit your skin type.


Look After Your Makeup

Be sure to clean your makeup brushes or sponges, in a little antibacterial hand soap, at least once a month. While your face might be clean in the morning, it probably isn’t for touch ups throughout the day, so your brushes could easily be full of bacteria. If you’ve got makeup that’s been at the bottom of your makeup bag for years, and you rarely use, it’s time to throw it away, as it’s also growing bacteria which could lead to acne or infections.

Body Brush

It’s not just your face that suffers in the heat. The rest of your skin has a hard time, too. Buy yourself a soft bristle brush. Use it to brush your skin in a circular motion every morning. This will remove dead skin cells, and boost your circulation.

Give Your Skin a Break

Just like the rest of you, your skin needs a break. Have at least one day a week when you exfoliate, moisturize, and don’t apply any makeup. Let your skin have a proper rest day. Once a month, make a homemade facemask to keep your natural oils under control and deal with any problem areas.

Do these things every day or once a week, and your skin will be prepared for summer. Hopefully you should be able to avoid any summer skin problems, and stay looking glowing and radiant all year round.

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Photography by Megan Robinson
14th February 2017
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