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Tailor natural skincare: Renew

Tailor Skincare recently added an innovative anti-ageing serum to their natural skincare range: Renew. The serum contains a PRORENEW COMPLEX CLR™ that is designed to stimulate the skins natural restoration process.

Tailor Renew is the first NZ made product to contain probiotics with anti-aging benefits.


The probiotic lysate works by stimulating the skins natural peptide production. Peptides are the building blocks of amino acids which are the building blocks of protein; therefore the lysate naturally assists the regenerating capabilities of your skin.

Tailor’s CEO and Founder, Sara Quilter’s fascination with the benefits of probiotics date back to her days in California where she was doing market research for an organic fertilizer company

“I was quietly obsessing over these powerhouse microbes to see what they could do” shared Quilter.

The other star ingredient in PRORENEW COMPLEX CLR™ is the New Zealand grown grapeseed extract.  The grapeseed extract has been found to protect the skin against UV damage, not as a sunscreen but as an anti-oxidant. An added benefit of the grapeseed extract is its sustainability since it is a by-product of NZs wine mecca in Marlborough.

Together, the probiotic lysate and the grapeseed extract help to renew and protect the skin, which help to keep it looking youthful.

For Quilter, one of the crucial factors in making this product was making sure that it was suitable for all skin-types.

“I made this product for everyone, including the girl who wants antiaging benefits but still gets breakouts”

Better yet, Tailor is officially tested on humans and has been given a derma-test rating of excellent.

How to use the Renew? Simple, straight after cleansing and before moisturising to allow it to soak into the skin. The same applies if you choose to use Renew with one of the wide ranging Tailor skin-care routines.

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For more information on how to look after your skin the natural way check out the Tailor blog

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Sara Quilter, Tailors CEO. Photo by Hannah Maney.

Words by Reema Alfouir
28th September 2016


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