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Website Writers Wanted for Thread

Budding journalists, fashion students, film reviewers…Do you want to get published online and be a contributing writer for Thread?

Writers Wanted

Do have a passion for fashion and wanna shout about it? Do you love film and can’t wait for the movie to be over so you can tell your friends all about it?
The Thread website is seeking contributing writers in the areas of fashion, film, and the arts, to write feature articles and reviews. You can be a student or already employed in any industry, and just want to fufil a desire to get your work published in a popular fashion/lifestyle e-zine.

It’s fun and rewarding to write, and see your name in print. Email it to your friends around the world, and print it out for your CV. You will be given free passes to events that you review. This is not a paid position.

Editor’s note: We currently have enough writers and are holding off for the moment. We’ll re-advertise when the need arises.

For more information contact the Editor Megan Robinson. Please¬†email us¬†with your name, location, a bit about you, and what you’re particularly interested in.