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Back To School shopping made fast, cheap, and easy

So, you all want to know the $69,000 question all parents wonder around this time of year: how can I make Back To School shopping painless and basically as fast, cheap, and easy as poss? I have to admit it is expensive and a drag to do, so I was very open to heading into Warehouse Stationery at their invitation to shop for my children’s back to school lists last week and I have to say it was really straightforward and cheaper than my Office Max list I carried in with me.




They offer to beat any other price on a quoted stationery list by 20% but almost all the items were reduced or lower price than the list I had from my school. You can also get it delivered to your door so you don’t have to go in, which is especially good for parents with babies and of course avoiding Shopping With Children which I find can be exhausting!




I was also tempted by the Star Wars display and my husband really wanted a Millennium Falcon pencil case “for the children” ahem.

Megan Robinson
14th January 2016


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