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Best mobiles and apps for snapping and editing your holiday memories

We save up all year and work lots of overtime in order to get away from the daily grind. Holidays can be as stressful as they can be relaxing and there is nothing more stressful than having photography problems when those special moments present themselves.

The aim of this blog is to help you ensure that users’ holiday memories are perfectly captured for your digital family album, for generations to come.

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What phone?

The mobile market is flooded and mobile phone manufacturers who will proclaim that their mobile is the mobile that users want. With features such as facial recognition, auto-focus, beautification settings (to name a few), consumers can find it hard to separate the wheat from the chaff – Let’s have a look at the top 3 mobiles that are targeted for holidaymakers.

High-level: Apple iPhone X (£999.00-£1,149.00).

Apple has pushed the boat out with their 10-year anniversary model. It has a 7MP rear-facing camera with TrueDepth sensors – this means that not only will the device recognise your face and allow users to snap selfies in landscape mode (a feature which not all phones perform well), but will also produce a clearer, brighter and better focus for your snaps.

The front-facing camera as two 12MP lenses – one being telephoto and the other being wide-angle. Both have image stabilisation and combine to better the quality of low-light shots (great for beaches and the likes). Videos will benefit greatly from this feature and budding videographers will definitely notice a difference in the stability of hand captured videos.

Mid-level: Samsung S8 (£470.00-£689.00).

Samsung Galaxy phones have been a favourite of back-packing students – a solid contender, this model boasts an auto-HDR 12MP rear-facing camera with auto stabilisation. The addition of a new multi-frame image processor takes three shots for every snap, this reduces blur and gives you a sharper picture.

The Galaxy front-facing camera is an 8MP low-aperture camera that produces immaculate results – some have complained that the rear camera has not had much development since the S7, but users can’t deny that the front camera is excellent and performs much better than previous versions.

Budget-level: Motorola MOTO G5+ (£203.00-£309.00)

Motorola has produced some excellently priced budget smartphones over the years – users have complimented their reasonable price-point and technical specifications. The 12MP dual rear-facing camera has been lauded for its picture quality and HDR capabilities. The rear-facing camera is an upgrade from previous models and Motorola has introduced the much-lauded beautification mode that has served Samsung so well.


Photography Tips to better your pictures

  • – Consider a portable tripod and selfie-stick (which can be used as a make-shift monopod).
  • – Get a decent sized SD card.
  • – Look on sites for some clip-on lenses.
  • – Buy yourself a decent cleaning cloth.
  • – Fully research camera capabilities.
  • – Watch Youtube photography tips.
  • – Download photo editing apps (as mentioned below).

Best mobiles and apps for snapping and editing your holiday memories

What apps can I use?

There are many paid and free apps that users can get to ensure that they get the very best out of their phone’s camera. One particular favourite of mine is OpenCamera – a great app that allows you to unlock hidden features on your Android-based smartphone. Snapseed is another post-production app that allows users to touch-up their holiday photos and adds filters to enhance the colours of the image whilst maintaining quality and sharpness.

Afterlight is a worthy addition to your app drawer, but will cost your £0.59p – this is well worth the price in my opinion as its slick interface and fast processing times will allow users to snap ‘on-the-fly’ and touch up, as and when needed. Touch Retouch can help you removed those unwanted elements that we often find on our photos – whether that be planes, photobombers, ugly cars or holiday pimples/blemishes; at £1.99, all you need do is buy your holiday supplies from Poundland, rather than Tesco or Asda.

Wherever you go on your holidays, be sure to do your legwork before you go – there are many pitfalls in the photography world and you could spend most of your holiday stressing over apps and features. But savviness, intellect and knowledge can go a long way to the betterment of your snap-happy holiday.

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Bon voyage and keep snapping!

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14th November 2017