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Comedy Fest NZ 2015 Review: Matt Stellingwerf

“Matt Stellingwerf”
Tuesday 12 May @ 8.45pm @ The Classic Comedy and Bar

I had never heard of Matt Stellingwerf – I read up on him before the show, and other reviewers have all described using variations on “laid back and relaxed,” and he certainly was. He has a very casual approach to performing – none of your usual “let’s pick on the plebs in the front row” schtick. Matt just sat on a stool and told funny stories. It felt rather like sitting in someone’s lounge, listening to them regale you with anecdotes about their exciting life. I liked this comedian. I thought it was nice that he was casual and chilled – it was refreshing contrast to the slightly defensive and vaguely uptight performances I’d seen from other comedians at the festival this year. Stellingwerf didn’t seem to care whether we were there or not – he was going to tell some stories, and if we wanted to listen, then good. It was calm, comfortable, untroubled, and genuinely funny. It was perfect mid-week comedy.

Michael Tarry
12th May 2015


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