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Craft DIY: 5 fun ways to display your photos at home

Today’s craft DIY column is on 5 fun ways to display your photos at home. It’s all very well having your photos on your phone, or in an album, but it’s lovely to have them displayed around the house.

  1. If you have children, taking a photo of their paintings or artwork that may not last – e.g. flower sand gardens or play dough sculptures – is a great way to display their art. Putting kids’ artwork on display in your home shows them you value their art which brings them a sense of pride and celebrates their creativity.
  2. Sewing photos on a strip of bias binding or even ribbon makes them into bunting like little flags. You could do photos on a theme such as a wedding and it would make a lovely present to give a new bride or a new mum of her baby for a child’s room.display-your-photos-at-home-house-of-cards
  3. Make a house of cards as a table centrepiece for a birthday, party, or Christmas. Use a theme of photos and cut slits and stand them up to make a 3D sculpture that’s simple to make but really effective and eye-catching.display-your-photos-at-home-wall-frame-hexagon
  4. Put a single photo in a shelf to make a frameless-frame to draw attention to a photo.display-your-photos-at-home-wall-sticker-tree
  5. Make photos in a wall tree by placing them on a tree wall sticker. This would particularly suit family photos to make a “family tree”. This is a classic Montessori activity to show relationships and teach the child a sense of place and belonging when they look at their bedroom wall. You could also use pictures of flowers to make a really pretty wall tree feature.

How I made my photos: These photos are examples I just shot on my phone and printed on the FUJIFILM IMAGINE app which I had downloaded to my mobile. You select the size of prints you’d like, choose matte or gloss,  select the photos you want from the camera memory or social media such as your Facebook or Instagram, and pay (25c each) and they’re sent to your home. I received these photos courtesy of Fujifilm.

Megan Robinson
24th December 2015


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