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Film Review: 6 Days

Film Review: 6 Days

Directed by New Zealand’s own Toa Fraser, 6 Days is a British-New Zealand co-production. The film stars Mark Strong, Jamie Bell, Abbie Cornish and Martin Shaw.


The film is a biographical action genre based on true events: the 1980 Iranian Embassy siege in London. Where armed gunmen stormed the Iranian Embassy, and took everyone who was inside hostage.

Over six days a tense stand-off between the armed terrorists and the British Government ensued, all the while a group of highly trained soldiers from the SAS prepared for a raid the world had never seen the likes of and which would change the world forever — all unraveling into a dramatic ending.

Being a co-production, it was very interesting watching a film with Kiwi connections, keep an eye out to see if you can spot the Kiwi actors in-play.

The film is shot in a very contemporary fashion, fast cutting from various angles provides a profound sense of tension and maintains excitement throughout the film.

The soundtrack is tense but does become repetitive and annoying after a while. Moreover, so too does some of the plot points. It feels like you are being spoon-fed them in every scene. Instead of the film conveying subtext and strong emotion; there are times where things are spelled out for you. Giving you the impression that 6 Days is more re-enactment instead of a political thriller. As a result, it appears to be a stiffly executed re-creation of the events.

Highlights include Mark Strong playing a dutiful and determined police officer, along with Jamie Bell who is awesome as a team leader for the SAS.

To sum 6 Days up: this film is shot in a modern stylistically slick way. Pity about the drama which ultimately lets it down.


3 stars
Luke Pivac
1 September 2017