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Film Review: The Stolen

The Stolen stars Alice Eve, Jack Davenport and New Zealand’s own Stan Walker. The Stolen is filmed in Canterbury and is set during the time of the gold rush in 1860s New Zealand.

Film Review: The Stolen

The main character is Charlotte Lockton (played by Alice Eve), along with her wealthy husband have settled in the South Island of New Zealand. However, her dream is shattered when Charlotte’s husband is murdered on their farm and her baby son is taken.


A month later, after Charlotte has paid the ransom, and still heard nothing more. She becomes even further frustrated by the apathy of the authorities. And so, she decides to find her son on her own.

Charlotte’s journey begins through the harsh environment of an undeveloped and uncivilised New Zealand. She joins a convoy of women, ex-cons and a Maori warrior heading for the harsh mining community of Gold Town.

Once she gets to her destination she meets the owner of the town, a Northern Englishman by the name of Joshua McCullen, a charming but dangerous and mysterious man who might be able to unlock the secret of what happened to her infant son.

This film is at times intriguing and well-paced. It contains a lot of interesting and well layered characters. The stars, Eve, Davenport and Walker are all excellent. Their performances help keep pace; the dramatic scenes carry from one point to the next with ease when they are on camera. Additionally, there is an impressive array of co-stars. Many of these characters include female roles that outnumber the men in both scope and depth of character. It is such a pity all the best bits are in the trailer. Still worth a watch: the acting, stunning scenery and some of the sound track are enough to carry it through.

2 and a half stars
Luke Pivac
20th November 2017