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Paco Pena Flamenco in Auckland

Paco Pena, Flamencura, Tuesday 15 April, Bruce Mason Centre, Takapuna.

You would have to be dead on the inside not to be transfixed by the touching performance of Paco Pena and his troupe’s performances in their stunning, “Flamencura” show, currently touring NZ.

The legendary Flamenco guitarist’s two hour show provided a soulful and sensual journey into the passionate realms of the art form that is Flamenco. One could not help but experience a true sense of the ‘Duende’ that permeates the Andalusian performer’s effortless delivery of his masterful guitar technique. Confident and natural, the accompanying troupe of dancers, musicians and vocalists provided a stunning showcase of Flamenco’s breadth of classical and contemporary approaches to pay delicate homage to the Saudade and fervent emotions expressed in the great Spanish art form.

While engaged and appreciative, the coy Auckland audience never quite came to life until the encore; when both performers and audience finally bonded to create a intimate, more real experience during the final stages of the show. The show ended with a standing ovation for the performers.

By Toko Kawashima

17 April 2014



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