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I’ve had a GO HEALTHY WELLNESS WARRANT nutrition and lifestyle consult with GO Healthy today and it was FASCINATING learning everything about how what your body does reflects nutritional deficiencies, for instance my eye has been twitching which means low in magnesium and spots on fingernails mean low in zinc. I’m getting a healthy prescription to get me bright-eyed and bushy-tailed again 👌🏼

GO Healthy’s expert Janeen Howard interviewed me for a Warrant of Wellness check-up and sent me this healthy pack which will have me fit and well as we go into winter! Amazing, love @gohealthynewzealand 👌🏼 Has anyone else used this brand and if so what did you like?

go healthy NZ

These are my results, which we didn’t have to share with everyone but I thought were really interesting so I wanted to share in case it is helpful to any readers.

“Megan, you have a great balance in your life. There were no stand out issues you were currently experiencing. You have a busy lifestyle which can sometimes be stressful and have an impact on energy, but otherwise, you are in tip top shape! Yay you!

Based on our discussion I would like to recommend products that will contribute towards your healthy lifestyle.

Please find below your product recommendations based on our consult”
Products to take daily:

GO Multi Everyday: 1 capsule

This is an easy to take, 1 capsule a day dose. This product provides a vast supply of vitamins and minerals, including a high dose of Vitamin B Complex which will help to improve energy levels throughout the day.

As required (do not need to take daily):-

GO Stress Remedy: 1 capsule

Megan, your lifestyle is extremely busy, which can sometimes be stressful. I feel this product could be a great option to have in your handbag so you can take only on the days required. GO Stress Remedy works quickly and effectively to promote calm, while helping to still stay focused. Because this product works quickly you can take on the days when feeling a bit more stressed or anxious than normal.

GO Magnesium 800:

Your mind can be quite active prior to going to bed. Magnesium will help to switch off a busy mind at night, and will help to relax and promote a good night’s sleep. This can be taken on the nights you feel you need this support – take 30 minutes before bed.

GO Vir-Defence: just to pop in the pantry – take 2 capsules the minute you feel run down, have a slight tickle/sore throat, or a runny nose, and continue to take until symptoms have cleared. This product is amazing at hammering a possible cold and potentially blocking it before it has even started. Contains all the immune boosting ingredients to tackle and defend your body against viruses. A fantastic product to have on hand with us heading into winter.

Megan, because you also incorporate smoothies into your daily life, you can mix and match which superfood powders work for you, depending on your recipe, or additional ingredients that you throw in to your smoothie

·        Cacao (calming, plus a natural source of magnesium)

·        Camu Camu (high in Vitamin C)

·        Acai (powerful antioxidant)

·        Beetroot (energising)

·        Chia seeds (a plant source of omega 3 fatty acids)

Here’s to good health! You can buy all these at selected healthfood stores and see stockists online at

Megan Robinson
28th May 2016


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