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Green Craft Ideas: Create Lovely Things Using Leaves

The season of leaf fall brings cold weather. You can create some exciting crafts with these leaves. Bring beautiful autumn leaves inside your house. We have few crafts that your kids can make at home.


  1. Leaf Creatures

Gather leaves while strolling. You can make forest animals with these leaves. Press these leaves in the heavy books for a week. Give the leaf its desired shape of animals and other creatures. Highlight it with paints and mod podge.


  1. Leaf Coasters

Palm trees are ornamental trees, but sometimes they can bring you a lot of trouble forcing you to think of a way to get rid of them. Before taking actions to actually kill a palm tree, why not try using it for other purposes? Let’s use the palm leaves to make leaf coasters.

Take few bathroom tiles, palm leaves, and mod podge. Create beautiful coasters by using mod podge to hold palm leaves on tiles. You can also gift these coasters to your friends.


  1. Floating fall candles

Fill a decorative bowl with water. Put some candles and leaves in it. Here, your floating fall candles centerpiece is ready. Place it on your dining table in living room.

  1. Hanging leaves

If you want to create something awesome, then dip the leaves in wax. Tie the leaves with a thin thread. Hang these leaves of different shapes, sizes, and color inside or outside your house. Use pothos and philodendron leaves, but be careful since they are easily mistaken. Pothos v/s. Philodendron – Pothos leaves are yellow, golden or green accents. Philodendron leaves are dark green in colour.

  1. Decoupaged Pumpkin Centerpiece

Take a big and fresh pumpkin. Paste the leaves to the outside of the pumpkin. It makes a beautiful centerpiece for your personal space.


  1. Leaf Stamped Napkins

Take cream coloured napkins. Stamp leaves on these napkins with the gold paint. These gorgeous napkins will look awesome on your dining table.

  1. Tabletop trees

You can bring deciduous forest leaves inside your house at the dining table.

  • Press dozen of colorful leaves inside a heavy book.
  • For creating the trunk, paint cardboard paper. Make the paper towel tube.
  • For branches, cut ¼ inches wide strips at the end of the tube.
  • For making the base, you can cut the curvy shape from cardboard. Paste them flat to the base.
  • Paste the pressed leaves to the branches.
  1. Leaf Glitter

You can use leaves from your yard to make three -dimensional drawings. Draw a simple shape on cardboard paper. Crush the dried leaves with hands. Apply glue along the shape. Sprinkle crushed leaves on the glue. Gently tap the cardboard paper to remove loose leaves.

  1. Autumn crown

You can make a beautiful and attractive crown with the autumn leaves. Use different color fallen leaves and create a stunning crown for your princess. You can take an inch wide bunch of raffia strands.

Make the braid strands and fit it into the main head crown. Then, make the braid into a circle. Wrap and tie strands. Tuck leaf stems in the braid.

  1. Leaf people

Allow your children to create the leaf family. Use large leaves as parents and smaller ones as kids. Use some decorative stickers for eyes and face.

  1. Leaf rubbings

Leaf rubbings are made by rubbing crayon or pencil on leaves. Take some leaves and put them on cardstock or construction paper. Rub it with the crayon. You can use either frame these leaves or gift them to your family members. You can hang them on the wall or the refrigerator.

  1. Leaf tree

With few leaves and your fingerprints, your child can design a beautiful tree. Allow them to paint a large leaf with different colors. Create the impression of the painted leaf by pressing it on the white paper. This makes a beautiful tree.

  1. Autumn leaf bowls

These bowls can be prepared from leaves, clay, and colors from your cool kids stationery. You can gift these bowls on Christmas, Easter and New Year.

  1. Leaf wall art

Motivate your kids to decorate the wall with art. You can take an old board or picture frame. Gather some fallen leaves from your garden and select a picture to create. After sketching the image, glue the leaves.

  1. Butterflies from Leaves

Your kids love to play with butterflies. You can easily make the butterflies from leaves, twigs and hot glue gun. A Hot glue gun can keep the pieces together. Make the eyes and nose with pom-pom balls. It will look like the real butterflies.

  1. Leaf Lanterns

Take some old mason jars. Bu using mod podge paste leaves on the jar. You can encourage your kid to creates a specific pattern. You can light candles inside the jar on the occasion of Christmas.

Above mentioned are some green craft ideas. Enjoy making these crafts with your kids. My kids have enjoyed trying these crafts.

4th July 2017

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