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Healthy Snacks for Busy Students

Students are not known for their healthy eating habits. Many students subsist on a diet of pizza, curry, instant noodles and beer. It’s not healthy and if you spend three years of your online masters in social work living like this, your heart and waistline will suffer. Luckily, there are ways to improve your diet, even if you don’t have much time to prepare healthy meals. Here are some simple but healthy snacks for days when you are cramming for an exam or you are too hungover to cook a proper meal.

Pictured above: I made dairy free banana bread. 3 bananas, 1/2 c coconut oil, 1c self-rising flour, 1 egg. Yum!


Prepare Snacks for Class

Instead of buying junk food from the cafeteria, make your own snacks to take to class. A turkey roll with some sliced apple is way healthier than a burger and fries. Preparing food at home is also cheaper than buying snacks every day, which will help your pocket if you are studying for an online social work masters degree.


Snacks on Toast

Using toast as the base ingredient for a snack is time efficient and tasty. White bread is fairly devoid of nutritional value, but whole meal bread contains plenty of fiber, and if you buy a loaf containing extra nuts and seeds, protein. Bread can be kept in the freezer so it doesn’t go off. Take out a slice and toast it from frozen.

Toast with butter is a quick and easy snack if you need a boost, but for extra nutritional value, add peanut butter or one of the combos below:

  • Avocado and cheese – Avocado tastes great on its own, but for extra flavor, add some thin slices of your favorite cheese.
  • Fried egg and bacon – You won’t be able to resist this high protein combo. It’s even tastier if you add some extra avocado.
  • Smoked salmon and cream cheese – Smoked salmon is high in essential nutrients and good brain food. It tastes delicious with cream cheese, black pepper and some lemon juice.
  • Grilled cheese and tomato – Grilled cheese with tomato is the ultimate comfort food for cold evenings. If you want to add extra flavor, sprinkle some garlic salt on the cheese before you pop it under the grill, but be sure to give people a wide berth the next day.
  • Mashed banana and chopped walnuts – Mashed banana will give you an instant energy boost if you are flagging. The addition of extra walnuts will add flavor and give this snack a healthy boost.

Raw Food Snacks

Raw food makes for quick and easy snacks. Chopped up carrots, cucumber, peppers and apple sticks can be dipped in humus or cream cheese if you are feeling hungry or your blood sugar drops.

Home-made Flapjack

Flapjack is dead easy to make, since there are only four basic ingredients: oats, butter, sugar, and syrup. You can make a basic flapjack recipe or give it a nutritional boost with extra added dried fruit, berries, or if you are feeling decadent, chocolate chips.


7th January 2017
All photography by Megan Robinson,

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