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I got to go toy shopping for Salvation Army thanks to BNZ Android Pay

Some kiwi kids will now be getting pressies thanks to BNZ lending me this phone loaded with $150 to gift toys to the Salvation Army. Yippee!

You may have heard the talk about when Android Pay will be available here. Now, it has launched in New Zealand, and to help spread the word to readers using the hashtag #BNZAndroidPayBack, several bloggers and I got to go toy shopping for Salvation Army thanks to pre-loaded credit on their Samsung mobile.

What is it anyhow?

It’s a contactless payment solution with Google, meaning you wave your phone in the air (like you just don’t care) and it takes the payment without using a plastic credit card (so 2015.)

How did I find it?

It got lots of attention both from the staff and customers at The Warehouse where I bought the toys. None of the staff had used it before so a small crowd was interested, and customers in the queue said they had Apple pay so they knew about it.

Who can use it?

First off in NZ it can be used by BNZ Flexi Debit Visa cardholders with Android phones.

Hope you have as much fun shopping as I did.

Megan Robinson
6th December 2016


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