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I’m loving: my Paklite

I am one of the few and far between people who actually likes, nay, enjoys, the packing part of travel. I lay everything out in piles, do outfit scenarios for every possible activity and make sure each garment has a maximum combination and permutations of outfits it will go with. When you’re making the most of your luggage allowance, my tip would be make sure you travel light. No point lugging (lugging is the dark side of luggage) around excess baggage of items you threw in “just in case” and never took out or wore. Therefore, I’m loving my Paklite suitcase for not bringing extra weight to the packing party.

This medium size Featherweight bag pictured in fuchsia is perfect for trips of a few days, or lighter packing for longer trips. I did a trip to Japan for ten nights in a bag this size by just packing one pair of sneakers, wearing flat boots, and taking mini sample sized toiletries. It weighs in the pink corner at an extremely featherweight 2.9kgs and carries 60 litres capacity, with four wheels that rotate 360 degrees, but at the same time, is super strong.

Here are my photos of my new travelling companion, my fuchsia Paklite…


All the essentials – a mini dictionary, and body wash and mini toiletries.


Packing my Icebreaker for colder nights, in the sturdy, fully lined Paklite case.


I adore the stylish colour and it’s super easy to spot on the carousel amongst all the black bags, too. 


Lots of zips and pocket options to keep documents handy. I especially like this handle, how it’s part of the suitcase and can’t fall off with screws coming loose.


Pack your bags (light!), we’re off!

For more info see Paklite is available at and this model is $219.

Megan Robinson

28th May 2016


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