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Maroon 5 – Their journey and evolution

They rose to fame with their hit numbers “Harder to Breathe” and “This Love” way back in the early 2002. Almost 2 years later, they were still on no.4 on Top 40 radio. Maroon 5 as they are known would have been incomplete without the skills of Adam Levine on guitar and the leading vocalist, James Valentine on the guitar, Ryan Dusick on drums, Mickey Madden for Bass, and Jesse Carmichael on the keyboards.

Excluding James Valentine, whose place of birth was in Lincoln, Nebraska, the rest of the members of Maroon 5 are from Los Angeles, California. As the famous phrase “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, Ryan Dusick and Adam Levine were friends right from their childhood days and while these 3 were studying at high school, they joined hands with Jesse Carmichael as well as Mickey Madden to form a band, which was known by the name Kara’s Flowers.


Interestingly, their debut CD with the main attraction Songs About Jane had sold more than 1,900,000 copies and Maroon 5 found themselves performing at prestigious shows that include Tonight Show, Late Late Show (Craig Kilborn), Last Call (Carson Daly), Jimmy Kimmel Live, and The Today Show. Such was the impact of their very first song. As they doled out the second most popular number This Love, they strengthened their position in the hearts of the masses further and became one of the most popular bands of their times. In fact, the second number too stayed on the top spots for several weeks and was also number 1 at top 40, MTV, as well as VH1 at the same time. Maroon 5 is now on tour, and it is a big opportunity to watch them in concert live. The first album that they released together as the newly formed band Kara’s Flowers was The Fourth World. This album was released during the mid 1997. This was their only album together as Kara’s Flowers, thereafter the band had to disband as their contract with Reprise Records was dismissed.

A celebrity band is born

Although the four members of Kara’s Flowers separated as they had to focus on academics, they returned Los Angeles where all four gathered again and with renewed vigour delved deeper into music and explored different music styles and derived inspiration from the singers of yesteryear like the Beatles and Stevie Wonder. They have not looked back ever since their first CD was released way back in the year 2002. In order to connect better with their audience, Maroon 5 set off on a 17 nation tour. However, the current band member Matt Flynn replaced Ryan who suffered an injury while they were on the music tour of the 17 nations. Their hit single “Makes Me Wonder” was an instant hit with the music lovers.

Maroon 5

Fast facts about Maroon 5 

• Misery was another album, which was followed by their next album Hands All Over.

• More than 15 million copies of their album has been sold

• The band members started off young when they were only 22

• Hands All Over is the music album that was produced in Switzerland


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