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Possibly the most Instagrammed food ever: We love avocados!

Possibly the most Instagrammed food ever: We love avocados! When I looked on Instagram to tag it, there were almost 4 and a half million tags of avocado. So it’s no surprise that the bumper crop coming this year afforded its own ‘green carpet’ event at Seafarers today to celebrate the beginning of the 2016-17 avocado season. A mixture of media, bloggers, chefs and journalists gathered to partake in the green gold in various guises both savoury and sweet – including a pistachio chocolate avocado ball that was a huge hit – over Champagne. Guests were served five different avocado dishes to help whet their appetite and inspire new ideas about how to serve and enjoy this delicious fruit.

avocado toast

Bumper harvest due

Avocado trees bear fruit biennially, meaning they can produce a small crop one year which is often followed by a large crop the next. Thankfully this summer is set to deliver a whopping 7.6 million trays – nearly double the volume available last year. NZ Avocado Chief Executive, Jen Scoular says this launch celebrates the biggest crop they have ever had. 

Health benefits of avocados

Popular author and Healthy Food Guide nutritionist Claire Turnbull spoke at today’s event about the incredible health benefits avocados have to offer. Avocados can legitimately be called a “superfood”. They’re full of healthy monounsaturated fats which are great for your heart and cholesterol levels, and help keep your appetite under control. They’re also packed with a wide range of essential vitamins and minerals, are low in sugar and sodium, and are a good source of dietary fibre.

Instagram star food

Thanks to a growing body of scientific and nutritional research, avocados have never been more popular. They’re now the star attraction on breakfast menus worldwide, and have been called the “Oprah of Instagram” thanks to the number of snaps people post of their favourite avocado creations.

 “The social media buzz and excitement around avocados returning to our supermarket shelves is unbelievable, so we want to grab this opportunity to showcase and celebrate everything we love about this amazing fruit,” says Scoular.

Below: Chang Hung radio producer at The Edge and Jen Scoular, CEO of NZ Avocado


Below: Nadia Lim,Celebrity Chef and a Founder of My Food Bag, Jen Scoular, CEO of NZ Avocado and Claire Turnbull, Healthy Food Guide Nutritionist and Owner/Director of Mission Nutrition.


Intro image: Megan Robinson and Nadia Lim at the season launch of NZ Avocado.

Megan Robinson
18th August 2016


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