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Russell Crowe Helps Honour Director Ridley Scott on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Russell Crowe, Jerry Bruckhiemer, Kristen Wiig, and Salma Hayek were among those who turned out to Hollywood Blvd recently to honour director Ridley Scott as he received his star in front of the historic Chinese Theatre on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Many of the guests, including Crowe, have good relationships with the 77 year old, who is the recipient of the 2,564th star on the boulevard. Image credit:

The Aussie is known for his wild man image. The ceremony started with Kristen Wiig telling jokes and hamming it up. Crowe was the second speaker.

Russell Crowe – Australian Hollywood actor, has worked with Scott on several films (like the iconic Gladiator) and has grown to become a very close friend to the infamous director. Crowe said that his favorite thing to do is work on a set with Scott but, his second favorite things is to tell the interesting stories that came out of those collaborations.


Over the course of a director’s career, the Aussie continued, if he or she can create at least one iconic image that stays with fans as soon as they hear the name than this is a career of significance. But, when talking about someone like Ridley, there are countless scenes, the streetscapes of Blade Runner, the birth scene in Alien, and Thelma and Louise going over the cliff, just to name a few.


In fact, when you take a look back the infamous director’s career, it’s clear to see he has done a fantastic job of taking his audiences on some crazy adventures. It is because of this that Crowe believes that Scott’s star is long overdue.



When it was Scott’s turn to speak, he talked briefly about his late start in the motion picture industry. In fact, believe it or not, he didn’t become a director until he was 40 years old. Before that, he remembers walking on the same sidewalk where he received his star, taking in the sights and sounds, and vowing to return back to this street one day.

Scott did make it back to the street, working in the art department for several studios, until he gained enough experience to make his debut as a feature director with the movie “The Duelists,” which was released in the late 70s. And now, as it it were serendipity, he is back again.

At the end of his speech, Scott dedicated the honour to his late brother, Tony Scott, who was also a director.

16th November 2016


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