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Steps to the English Wedding of Your Dreams

New Zealand is a beautiful country, but when you’ve fallen in love with English dramas and characters like Darcy, there is nowhere else you want to get married than quaint and picturesque England. England is a unique destination wedding, and can act as the perfect jumping off point for the ultimate honeymoon adventure through Europe. When you haven’t been to the country before, though, planning a wedding can be incredibly daunting. That’s why we’ve compiled this list so that you can have the big day you’ve always dreamed of.


  1. The Venue

England is not short of the stunning English manors that have been captured on film time and time again. When you have your wedding, you should not compromise on the venue. For the best manors, head away from the capital and instead take a look at the luxurious wedding venues in Suffolk. You’ll still be close enough to London to explore, but you’ll also have the country manor house of your dreams.


  1. The Decorations

The UK is notorious for its rain and mild temperatures, but this means that its flowers are absolutely stunning. Mimic the beautiful and wild English garden aesthetic, or stick with the stately beauty of times past.


Whatever you choose, recreate it with vigour. As this is a destination wedding, however, you won’t be able to save money by doing it yourself. Instead, trust the local vendors that your venue recommends.


  1. The Activities

The perfect wedding is one that thinks of all the guests, as well as the happy wedding. That is why when you are planning your wedding, you should do more than choose the menu and the music, you should also consider adding in fun activities. That way your guests can mingle and make friends. Nothing is worse than a clique party where everyone stays in their own groups. Get everyone together and let them have fun together.


  1. The Party Favours

Your guests will have come a very long way to join you for your wedding, so it’s important to thank them as much as you can. A good start is to make everyone aware that you don’t expect wedding gifts and that their presence is enough. Take this a step further and provide your guests with party favours. This could be flowers, it could be a personal gift, or it could be organised activities during the week or so that you are there. That way your guests could come for your wedding, and for vacation.


Destination weddings are difficult to plan, but they can be utterly rewarding. Going abroad to a country like England can make your wedding feel like a fairy tale, and that fairy tale won’t easily be recreated, either. You’ll be able to see an area of the world you haven’t seen before, and you’ll also be able to organise much cheaper travel to your European honeymoon from the UK. The English countryside is the perfect destination, so start planning today.

17th January 2018

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