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Wake up and smile

It’s great to wake up and be grateful, but I have to admit I usually wake up, check my phone, and make a cup of tea before stressing about how much I have to get done. These cool slogan jars are a fun reminder of doing just that, waking up and being grateful and an easy way to rise and smile. Nutella send me these Smile jars that are launching into stores nationwide and bring a timely reminder to your day when you see them. I really like that the have not just added a small smile word, they have replaced their whole logo with the word – with the first letter in black and the rest in red in the signature style of Nutella’s logo. I have Thanks and also Family, but I think the I Love You smile jar would make a really cute gift to make someone smile. They could also be a nice way to thank someone with the gift of a jar, and you could write their name under the ‘thanks’ to personalise it. Another fun gift idea would be to put together a gift basket like the one pictured, with bread and a tea towel and a smile jar. Whatever you do, it’s a sweet way to begin your day.


4th October 2016
Megan Robinson


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