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We went to Cirque du Soleil TOTEM in Auckland and loved it

We went to Cirque du Soleil TOTEM in Auckland and loved it. It’s not like anything I’ve ever seen before, and I’d recommend it to anyone. It gets a 10/10 from me.

The show is essentially a circus with acrobats, clowns and gymnasts, but also follows a rough plot of the journey of human kind. It uses performers in separate acts with humour, talent, strength and skill – and a certain amount of sex appeal thrown in – to take the audience on a tale of humankind’s evolution.

It draws upon ancient civilisations and begins with a massive turtle shell filling the stage, as turtle feature in many old civilisation’s folklores. From an amphibian state, the Crystal Man ignites life and takes it through to its desire to fly.

The name TOTEM of course draws upon the American Indian First Nation people’s totem pole and that civilisation features strongly in the show, alongside many other cultures.

The costumes were incredible, and I’m hoping to personally get up close to them in the next week or two to see how much detail and design goes into them.

Our friend actually did the set up for them here over about 3 weeks and said what a pleasure it was to do a hangi of buried food, Maori style, and perform a haka for the performers, who really related to it, and value connections they make so highly as they are away from their own families so much on the road.

Here are some photos from the show.







Here are some of the top Tweets from New Zealanders about the show. You can follow them on Twitter at @Cirque and join in the conversation using hashtag #TOTEM

Colin Mathura-Jeffree:

“Absolutely loved #totem #CirqueDuSoleil … I found myself cheering constantly in awe and excitement xx its a must see show xx”

“I’m just listening to the exceptional soundtrack from #Totem #CirqueDuSoleil …. the music fills my house and my imagination… the show is simply delicious”

@CarolynEnting@Cirque #TOTEM thank you for filling me with spontaneous laughter & wonder @mindfood_mag Absolutely thrilling.”

@JacquelineNairn “I want to be the sparkly disco ball person that kept twirling down from the ceiling. Extraordinary artists! #CirqueDuSoleil #TOTEM #DontMiss”

@King_Soph “Hands are red raw from constant clapping. #TOTEM was all kinds of amazing.”

@HolmesStephanie “I’d like to run away and join the circus please and thank you #TOTEM

@CamMansel “I’ve spent the 30 minutes trying to think of a post about @Cirque but I got nothing…. Just speechless you NEED to see it! #TOTEM

Stacey Morrison@formerlydaniels “Been lucky enough to see four incredible #CirqueDuSoleil shows but #TOTEM has to be the best ever #stupendous

@KeepingUpWithNZ “I can confirm that @Cirque really have practiced a bit. Excellent show!!! #TOTEM

Miriyana Alexander@miriyananz “Wow. Just wow. #totem #sexycircus

Katherine Lowe@thedownlowe “The view from my seat @cirque #totem @ ALEXANDRA PARK”

Megan Robinson@threadnz “Quite a high muscle to fat ratio in that @Cirque du Soleil cast, then. #TOTEM”
Megan Robinson@threadnz “I’m at @cirque du Soleil #totem in Auckland tonight- highly recommend it! Completely blown away by the set design, performers, talent and skill. Get to it! 10/10

You can buy tickets at this link: TOTEM TICKETS

Megan Robinson 22nd August 2014
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Photos: OSA Images
Costumes: Kym Barrett
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