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Beautiful design by NZ designer Jane Sutherland

From time to time you come across a label that sums up what you love about New Zealand design 0f edgy, stylish and wearable with an attitude- but also, speaks of the landscape from which it comes. This label for me is Jane Sutherland.

The brand, established in 2004 at Lake Wakatipu in Kingston, draws from its beautiful natural environment with a strength and fluidity at the same time – hailing from designer Sutherland’s own background in jewellery making. She uses soft fabrics together with hard metalwork harmoniously in her designs. The outfits are often photographed in the landscape itself, as you get the impression that nature strongly shapes the aesthetic in the design.

Recenly, Sutherland has changed direction with her business to connect directly with her customer base instead of via retailers, and this is great news for customers as you can buy direct from the designer at her website, or by appointment – enquires to


“It has been a challenging and interesting journey, establishing a clothing label from Kingston, where the population is no more that 300 people” she says. “Having access and an interest in the cities though, is a perfect balance to coming back home to family, the lake and the mountains. Paradise!”

“I have a love of design, ranging from architecture, interior design and photography. However, I always had a desire to take a path in one aspect of design, especially, garments.”

The first drop of Summer 2018 is now available, with a subtle palette in beautiful fabrics. A highlight is lightweight jumpsuits with screen-printed patches hanging freely on the back, showcasing artwork by the renowned Auckland artist Erin Forsyth.


As mentioned above, there is her strong attraction to metalwork – they have also introduced new harnesses to the mix with handcrafted copper and brass and leather, and copper detailing at the neck. A subtle hint of salmon shimmers through with a striking lightweight Japanese cotton black shirt with a copper patch print on the back.


Lightweight black on black pinstripe loose trousers with undershorts and braces.


Find these and more online at

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Megan Robinson
29th September 2017