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Dressing for workplace dress codes

When you spend so much of your time in work, it’s easy to crave the days where you don’t have to dress in work attire, and you can bring your own personal style to the table. Yet these are often few and far between, and you might feel as if your style is being squashed in such an environment, due to dress codes and safety restrictions. Luckily, there are a few top tips you can follow which will allow you to embrace your look, no matter which job you have. From working in construction to working in a quiet office environment, take note of how you can be safe and stylish at work.

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Embrace flat shoes

Heels are one of the biggest dangers to health and safety at work, as they can increase the chances of you tripping over, or of falling down any stairs in your work building. Not only this, but they are proven to wreak havoc on your bone health and can cause pain if worn for an extended period. This is why it is key for you to wear flats, especially if parts of your job involve you inspecting heavy duty sites for safety. Though you may not be used to wearing flat shoes, there is luckily a wider range available now than ever before, which cater to the gap in the market for fashionable flats. You should consider that you will be wearing these all day, for most days of the week, so they should feel comfortable, durable, and sturdy.

Be wary of heavy work environments

If your day job revolves around working in a heavy duty environment, then you will already be aware that you can’t wear your normal clothes to work. Heavy boots and flame-retardant clothing is a must, but this can leave you feeling as though you aren’t getting space to wear what you like when there are so many restrictions.


There is fortunately more than one solution to this problem, but the main one lies in buying clothes that suit you the best, but which have been approved for safety in the workplace. For example, patterned shirts that are both flame-retardant and fashionable are easy to purchase from the FRC shirts section of clothing stores specific to this purpose.


Keep clothing styles comfortable

There is a misconception that to wear smart clothing, it must be tailored close to the body, to the point when there is sometimes no room to breathe. Yet while this may look polished, it can cause safety issues when you find yourself overheating on summer working days, struggling to breathe, or when you can’t move as freely as you can with looser clothes on. Although wearing clothing that is too loose is usually not appropriate for a work environment, the key is to find the right balance. One of the best style ideas to have emerged recently is swapping pencil skirts for wide-leg trousers, which provide the most comfort, safety, and style in one go. For men, the switch from skinny-fit suits to slim fit is on the rise again.

6th March 2018

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