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The Brow Queen

On virtually all of the shows at L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Week, there have been strong eyebrows. “This week, I have been the brow queen” says Minh Tran, NZ make-up artist. Strong, dark brown, clean-cut eyebrows are in every shot…

Minh Tran has been working under the creative direction of Noni Smith for L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Week working virtually non-stop on shows that include the Paris Runways, the Myer show and the Sidewalk shows in Federation Square.

On virtually all of the shows, there have been strong eyebrows. “This week, I have been the brow queen.” Minh leans forward and shows me snaps from the chaos of the back stage. Strong, dark brown, clean-cut eyebrows are in every shot.

Whatever we have seen on the runways has been showing up in the make-up. It works in a complementary way; if you have hard, 80s style clothes with bright colours, stick to nude lips and a soft sheen of metallic on the cheeks.

The styles are all over the place, this season Minh says. The nudes are still around, soft, pale skin, nude lips and subtle eyes but there is a real flash of metallics. Don’t be afraid of metallics. The 80s is coming through with glitter, lots of metallics and glitter, silver, gold and bronze on the eyes. It’s very sci-fi.

It’s a clash between the 80s and the 40s with a modern twist. In one show the hair was done in a French roll style, but not one French roll, two, not off to the side, but blended in at the back. All topped off with a quiff. It’s very 40s, especially with the lips. Bright red lips, any colour red lips from orange right through to the deep ruby red.

The best way to master the look is keep to the complementary, don’t try and do too much at once.

If you have big, glitter eyes, have soft, nude-to-pink lips. If you have juicy, ruby lips, stick to a subtle eye with a hefty wing. Likewise, complement the outfit you’re wearing. A black power suit with a strong red lip, a glitzy sequin top with matching glitter eyeshadow.

By Lucy Telford


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