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Getting a few more steps into your ‘everyday’

Since I got my fitbit, I’ve been super aware of getting a few more steps into my everyday. It’s illuminating how many (or how few!) steps I do in my job, which is full-time Mum and also fashion blogger – which involves a fairly mixed bunch of sedentary loading articles and running around flat-tack after small children and wearing heels to fashion events and launches. Thus, taking the time to take off the heels and wear some comfortable shoes and do some walking is not only recommended, it’s an essential. So with this in mind, I chose this gorgeous pair of lilac Aventus Mitre sneakers thanks to Number One Shoes and got some more steps into my everyday.

If you are into football – or soccer as it’s sometimes called in New Zealand – you may be well familiar with Mitre already, as the brand has held a longstanding relationship with the beautiful game since the footwear company was established in 1817. From this sporting background, the brand grew and grew and has shoes for the whole family – men, women and children – and has become more stylish with the introduction of fashion-forward brights such as these women’s styles here. From a technical perspective, they are well-made and have memory foam insoles for comfort and performance and are still very reasonably priced around $40 – $50 which is amazing.

Ways I am getting a few more steps into my ‘everyday’

– when the phone rings, stand UP to answer it and walk around while you talk

– bush and beach walks with family

– Pilates

– walking to school instead of taking the car

– doing an extra ‘lap’ of the supermarket before paying for my groceries

– walk around the field while watching school sports games instead of standing still

– parking at the ‘wrong’ end of the Mall rather than closest to the door of the stores I want

– going for a walk to clear my head, or brainstorm ideas for posts, and not just a trip to the fridge!





I took my pair on my roadtrip to Rotorua (below at Lake Okataina) and got walking in the Great Outdoors.


Megan Robinson
26th June 2015



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