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How to dress well – without emptying your wallet

A lot of people love clothes – and they love the shopping that comes along with it.

Browsing through hundreds and hundreds of shirts or skirts can be like heaven.

However, with Christmas already over and trends changing on a daily basis, you might find it a little hard to budget in everything that you want in 2018. This can be a major drag since there are so many new and exciting trends coming in. With that being said, this doesn’t mean that you can’t look your best while wearing some of the most stylish fashions in 2018. Below, you will learn just how you can look fashionable in 2018 without blowing your budget.

Little known fact about me; I collect old sewing patterns. They have to be before photographs were taken of garments, just hand drawn illustrations.

Don’t be a slave to trends

Staying away from what everyone is wearing right now should be pretty obvious; not only will you look like everyone else, but they are constantly changing. Trends will cause you to burn money. The best trick is to go for accessories to update your look.


Staying away from trendy shoes is also a good tactic unless you can get them extremely cheap. This prevents you from having to go out and purchase a whole new wardrobe once the trend is over. Instead, all you have to do is swap out those accessories.

A pink corduroy wooden heel boot anyone? Fabulous new season AW18 styles at Mi Piaci Merchant 1948

Always Know What Colours Work For You

There are the right colours for everyone, but there aren’t certain colours that look good on all people. Always know the colours and patterns that work best for you before you go out shopping. Of course, you can try on everything in the store, but this is just going to burn more time. Knowing ahead of time also helps keep your impulses at bay. Just because a light blue looks good on your friend doesn’t mean that it will look good on you.

Cute opshop at Mangawhai called Opshop Factory. I love charity shops so much! I got shoes, some Singer sewing machine things, and 3 dresses.

Shop Second-hand or Discounted

With trends changing so quickly, it can be pretty easy to find something used or discounted that is still in style or something that will be coming back into style. If shopping for second-hand completely freaks you out, you always have the option of visiting online stores like Rissy Roo’s. Here, you will find a variety of different styles and fashions at extremely affordable rates. Along with this, it doesn’t cost anything to look, so you can always visit the local stores and keep an eye out for the latest sales events.

Have fun shopping!

Top K&K, perfume Valentina Pink, Karen Murrell lipstick.


11th February 2018

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