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How to Have the Perfect Wedding

Weddings are amazing milestones. They mark the point where a couple who love each other becomes committed. Weddings can either be religious, or they can be symbolic, but they should always be celebrated. Getting married is a huge step, after all, and it should be celebrated as such. To help you have the perfect wedding, here are a few tips on planning:

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  1. Get Engaged!

Before you can have a wedding, you need to get engaged. Every couple who does get engaged, of course, should discuss the matter beforehand. Popping the question when you haven’t had the conversation about where you see your lives going is irresponsible, and can put the question on the spot. If you have discussed, and have even agreed to get married in the future, then you’re welcome to propose at any time! You don’t need to wait for him to make the move, either. It’s a modern world out there, so do what feels right for your relationship, not what’s expected of you.


  1. Budget

Now that you’re engaged and you’ve told all your loved ones about the great news, it’s time to turn your thoughts towards the wedding. The most important first step you should make is to create a realistic budget. You don’t want to be in debt after the big day. See if any of your parents are willing to pitch in towards the cost. If you want a big wedding, but can’t afford it right away, it’s okay to wait and save. Once you’ve made that budget, though, stick to it! It’s better to be inventive than to go into debt.


  1. Choose a Date

Once you have a budget, it’s time to choose a date. You will need this date so that you can continue with planning. The date will depend on what season you want, where you want your wedding, and what time you believe is best for everyone. For instance, if you choose an “off-season” for travel, you can have a destination wedding where all your invited guests can go, because the flights will have been discounted. Further, if you need to take extra time to save up for the wedding, having the date will allow your guests to save up for it as well. This is great if you have your heart set on a destination wedding!

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  1. Pick Your Destination

The backdrop of your wedding is crucial. You can have a small, private wedding in your backyard, or you can go all out and have a wedding in Dubai. Wherever you choose, make sure that you not only love the location, but that your guests will too. Going to a beautiful place is a great way to entice your guests to make the trip, since they won’t just be going to your wedding, they’ll be going on vacation as well.


  1. Choose the Guests

You don’t need to invite everyone you know. Don’t feel obligated, and instead focus on who you want to be there. It’s also okay to not extend plus one invites to your guests if you can’t afford to cover them. Your wedding is the big day for you and your fiancé, so don’t worry about who you are obligated to invite. Sure, you probably should invite your grandmother, but you don’t need to invite your cousins if you don’t see them often. Modes-5444 Modes-5452

  1. Tips for the Dress

There are so many dresses out there. If you want to save some money, buy second-hand. These are dresses that have literally only been worn once. Chances are, there are new dresses that have been worn more often just by other brides-to-be trying them on. You can also rent out your dress. If you want it to be new, however, try to be open about designs until you have tried them on. You will be surprised at how dresses look different on you as compared to the models in wedding magazines.

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  1. Food

When choosing a menu for your guests, there are two things you should aim for. The first is to ensure that there are options for those who are allergic or have special diets. The second is to ensure that the foods you choose are standard. It’s much better to go with a crowd pleaser than it is to opt for a fancy menu that only half your guests can eat.

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  1. Décor

Your décor is where your personality can truly shine through, so don’t worry about being unique! Showcase you and your fiancé’s personalities and include décor themes you both enjoy. This also applies to any entertainment, games, or activity that you provide for your guests.

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  1. Photography Ideas

There are so many opportunities for the perfect photo, and you should have as many as possible! On top of having a wedding photographer, have disposable film cameras for your guests to use. Make use of everyone’s great smartphone cameras and set up a shared album on Facebook or a cloud system. That way you can encourage your guests to take as many photos of the event as they want, and then they can share it all in one place. This will be a great memento for everyone!

  1. Ensuring Your Big Day is Special

When the big day comes, roll with all the punches. There will be problems, because those are inevitable, but that’s okay! Have an easy backup system in case the band can’t come in, for instance a great playlist. There are many ways to have simple and easy backup systems in place. Your big day shouldn’t be ruined, it should be something to laugh at. Have someone you trust in charge of these plans, like a wedding planner or parent, so that you can focus on having a great time.

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Your wedding is your big day, which is why you should know how to plan it before you get caught up. Follow this guide, and you’ll know the full steps you’ll need to go through, and you’ll also know the options to keep you under your budget.

4th December 2017

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