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Huffer celebrates #twodecadesdeep

Huffer #twodecadesdeep
20th Anniversary Show, AW18
New Zealand Fashion Week 2017

You know it’s going to be a great night when you get ID’d to buy drinks at a pop up bar at a fashion show. That’s exactly what happened to me at Huffer last night as I went to purchase wine. Consider my self-esteem boosted as I sauntered on to the night.

The atmosphere at Spark Arena for Huffer’s 20th Anniversary Show & Music Showcase can only be described as festive. It is, after all, a celebration. It’s no easy feat to get to 20, but last night’s show proved that Huffer is not going away anytime soon. The show itself was noticeably more intimate with the crowd dressed in their most stylish threads milled about, eagerly awaiting the show to start.


From the moment I saw the first look – that Huffer puffer (Sorry, I just had to) –  worn beautifully by show opener Ngahuia Williams, I knew that my bank account would most likely take a hit in the near future. I mean how can you not fall in love with everything? Just when I thought I’d seen something I definitely had to have, new pieces came out the runway and made me question everything I knew.


There was a lot of millennial pink nestled among looks they served. I found myself completely besotted with the pink and red combination that Huffer rocked last night so excuse me while I try and dress exclusively in pink and red from now on. Then there was the styling. Those cowboy boots really highlighted how wearable and fun and cool Huffer’s pieces are.


One of the highlights of the night (and judging from the influx of #grams this morning) was definitely how visually stunning it was to witness the 40 models (each model with only one look which was also very interesting) all aligned on a perfect horizontal line on stage as the head and founder of Huffer, Steve Dunstan, took centre stage.


The show didn’t stop there though, as once the models exited the runway, P Money made an appearance much to the crowd’s delight. If this is how Huffer does 20, I can’t even imagine how they’d rock their 21st. What a solid end to a fantastic week. Happy Birthday, Huffer.


Jess Molina
Photography by
30th August 2017