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Kharl-William Wirepa brings a regal touch

Kharl-William Wirepa brings a regal touch to fashion week with this opulent new collection…

inspired by royalty…
NZ Fashion Week said that “US Vogue was front row at haute couture designer Kharl-William Wirepa’s 2015 NZFW show, and his 2016 show further cemented him as one to watch.”

His 2016 NZFW show was inspired by royalty, with a marriage of the old and new with contemporary cuts and classic shapes, hand-embellished Spanish fabrics, and a palette of fuchsia, gold, red and black.
New Zealand isn’t really known for our glamorous evening wear and Kharl-William Wirepa is one of very few doing this well, filling the shoes of past designers in our heritage such as Patrick Steel. I would love to wear these gowns to any red carpet event.

Minimalism? Heck, no. Boring? Never. Kharl-William Wirepa brings the glamour, drama, and theatre, in a collection that is definitely unique, and royally fabulous.

Megan Robinson
25th August 2016
Photos by Annupam

Kharl-William WirepaKharl-William Wirepa Kharl-William Wirepa Kharl-William WirepaKharl-William WirepaKharl-William WirepaKharl-William WirepaKharl-6937Kharl-6963Kharl-William WirepaKharl-William Wirepa

Kharl-William Wirepa


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