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Lela Jacobs brings the magic at NZFW

Lela Jacobs
AW18 at New Zealand Fashion Week 2017
Silo Park, 29th August 2017

Lela Jacobs sniffs her fabric.

It’s incredible what you uncover while waiting for a show to start. By then, I’ve checked all the #grams and watched all the stories, refreshed my Twitter feed, and even started scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed. It seemed like the only next step was to interact IRL so I turned to the lady sitting next to me and started talking because there’s nothing quite like good old fashioned human connection. And I’m so glad I did.

Chrissy O has orange hair. She was wearing a patterned suit, her lipstick matching her look. And I’m not quite sure how out of all the seats in the world (or the venue. Seats were limited and a lot of the guests preferred to stand), I was #blessed enough to find myself seating next to this magnificent lady. I found out that she owns iconic Wellington store Hunters & Collectors. “I’ve been there! I love your shop!” I squealed like the excited fan girl that I am when she told me. Her store, nominated by Lonely Planet as the best-dressed window in New Zealand, has experienced the magic of Lela Jacobs’ creativity first hand. She regaled stories of back when Lela was living in Wellington and she would do her shop windows. I commented at how amazing that must have been, to watch her creative process and watch her bring her ideas to life.

Lela’s creativity is all encompassing and that stood out more than ever in her show. From the moment I was ushered in inside the Silo, I knew it was going to be a magical show. The interiors matched Lela’s aesthetic too, and as I walked to my seat, I carefully dodged instruments that were on the floor.


The show itself was a feast for all the senses. I remember talking to Lisa from Plantae Skincare afterwards and telling her that all my senses were so heightened after it. The show kicked off with a loud ‘thud’ from the drums. Although it gave me one heck of a fright, it definitely commanded my attention. Musicians were scattered around the silos, and I got chills as they started playing. The way the silos are structured was the perfect sounding board to this noise. I don’t think I’ll ever find the words to describe how surrounded I felt by all these sounds.


The collection itself is classic Lela Jacobs – understated with an emphasis on strong design, innovation and androgynous appeal without trend victimization. While the colour palette was muted, she did have a pop of blue that really completes the collection. What I love about Lela Jacobs is that her vision and execution are equally strong, and these pieces will truly be a good addition to any wardrobe.

Lela Jacobs didn’t just give us a show. She gave us an experience.

By Jess Molina

Photography by Gaby Marshall
29th August 2017