Top 5 bra mistakes

The Rose & Thorne Bra Gurus share what they see as the ‘Top Five Bra Mistakes’ most of us make, with tips on how to solve them…

It seems every woman has one of ‘those’ bras, the ones that pinch your sides within moments. The bra that wanders and never stays put or the bra that offers zero support. Some of us have one of these offenders and others have a drawer full! But how did this even happen?

The Rose & Thorne Bra Gurus share what they see as the ‘Top Five Bra Mistakes’ most of us make, with tips on how to solve them.

Mistake #1: Bands Apart

The number 1 issue the Bra Gurus see day to day at The Fit Studio are incorrectly sized bra bands. The bra band is a critical component of your bra’s support system.
Your bra band should be firm with the ability to comfortably slide two fingers underneath. Always do your bra up on the middle hook and eye so you have options to tighten or loosen as your body changes during the month. Your band should sit evenly around the entire body and not move with wear – so the next time you are trying on a bra get your hands above your head and have a little wiggle. If your bra band stays put you are on the right path, if it moves it’s a size too big! Thankfully Rose & Thorne bras are made with ‘Forgiving Fit’ technology, this puts an end to ill-fitting bra bands by creating a new kind of flexibility and rigidity in the band itself. If you need any more help go to the bra fitting guide and bra size calculator.

Mistake #2: The Cup Runneth Over

Bra fitting is similar to baking. For the best results fill your cup evenly without spilling over the sides! Check that the cup’s underwire is sitting away from your breast tissue on the sides and underneath and check for ‘spill over’ at the top of the cup. Go up a cup size if your bra cup is encroaching on your breast instead of enrobing it. Go down a size if the cup seems generous compared to the size of your breast. Rose & Thorne bras have developed the ‘Cocoon Cup,’ that is unique to the collection which allows for superior comfort and support even if you are wearing a bra cup that is a size too big or too small!

Mistake #3: Size Might be Right, But the Shape is … Just Plain Wrong!

The Bra Gurus meet a lot of women who despite having received professional fittings in the past just cannot find a bra that is right for them. Bras come in many different sizes, but also a plethora of different shapes. A balconette style may suit a woman with gentle curves, whilst those with a more ample bust may want the coverage of a full-cupped T-Shirt bra. Women with a smaller bust are often looking for perk whilst some of us just want a natural shape and a ‘barely–there’ style.
Feeling that the mountains of different styled bras, and different shapes were often confusing? Rose & Thorne have created 5 iconic bra shapes that take the guesswork out of good bra buying:

1. Betty Boobs: A deceptive bra that shapes like something a bit heavier duty
2. Easy Peezy: Luxuriously full of lace that gently shapes and supports but feels barely there
3. Perky Power: The booster and only choice for lifting and creating cleavage!
4. Smooth Operator: A fuller cup bra that is invisible under clothes
5. Curvylicious: It works your curves and gives a gentle lift and rounded cleavage

Mistake #4: Pretty Little Mistakes

For so long the bra ratio was simple, if it was pretty it was uncomfortable. If you loved to wear it, it was boring or even worse just plain ugly! The result is that most women have two classes of bra, the ‘Plain Janes’ that they wear every day and the ‘Pretty Mistakes’ that look beautiful but live in the back of your drawer. No woman should have to sacrifice style for comfort. All Rose & Thorne bras are as pretty as they are comfortable, designed for real women’s’ bodies and are a fashionable fit suiting any wardrobe. If a bra is uncomfortable, then do yourself a favour and boycott it!

Mistake #5: No Care When You Wash and Wear

You have a dream bra; it fits you like a glove and makes you feel amazing. But you wash and wear it a few times and suddenly it’s jabbing you in all the wrong places and cutting in. What went wrong? The biggest mistake you can make after finding a bra that fits you perfectly is to not take care of it. Follow a few simple guidelines to extend the life of your bra. Wash by hand or on the delicate setting in a laundry bag, use a gentle laundry powder and avoid the dreaded dryer at all costs!

2 September 2013


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