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Online shopping the way I like it!

Online shopping, just the way I like it! With NZ Post’s Parcel Leave, Parcel Collect, and Parcel Redirect I can choose exactly where my online shopping is delivered. It’s easier to set up and use than you may expect, so I’ve got together with NZ Post to show you how I went about ordering some fashion pieces I’ve had my eye on for a while now (I know – tough gig) using each of these different delivery services.

NZ Post have introduced three new delivery options so that people on the go can select what suits them best and avoid getting those Cards to Call (the cards that couriers leave behind when you miss a delivery and your parcel is taken back to the depot.) This makes it much more convenient as you don’t have to wait, or drive/Uber out to a depot to get your parcels. This is such a GOOD THING. I love options and having more control, don’t you?!

Parcel Leave

You can give NZ Post couriers permission to leave signature required parcels at your place without you having to be there to sign for them. You can even specify a particular location on your property – like by your front door, out the back, or behind a big pot plant. How handy is that?! This option would definitely save you a few trips out to the NZ Post depot.

You can use Parcel Leave. First, create an NZ Post account and get your address verified at so they know you live where you say you do. Then enter your parcel tracking number at the NZ Post website on the Parcel Leave tab and leave specific instructions of where you’d like your parcel left on your property.


Below: My Dotti jacket which I ordered online, and had sent using Parcel Leave.


Parcel Collect

I ordered some very cute and mega flowery work out pants from Adidas and had the leggings ‘leg’ it to my local Countdown supermarket.

Where can I collect from, you ask? There are various pickup spots you can choose, such as participating Countdown supermarkets, petrol stations, NZ Post retailers and CourierPost depots. Check the NZ Post website for the approved Parcel Collect locations – what better way to collect your parcels than gassing up your car or getting your groceries at the same time?!


Parcel Redirect

How about if you want to redirect your parcel somewhere else when you know you’re not going to be home?

That’s easy, too.

Once you have ordered an item and have a tracking number, you can enter it into the NZ Post website while your parcel is in transit and have your parcel redirected; as long as it’s within 75km of the original delivery address. Parcel Redirect options could include somewhere like a friends or family members house or even your own workplace.

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 1.49.04 pm

Below: wearing my newly ordered Karen Walker scarf! I ordered it from and was extremely excited when it safely arrived!


So, I hope that’s been helpful in how to make online shopping delivery easier for you. Happy shopping!


By Megan Robinson
Photography of outfits by Annupam
7th September 2017

For more information visit NZ Post. This post was brought to you in collaboration with NZ Post.