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Reason to celebrate: the Ecoya Grand Celebration Candle

The new Grand Celebration candle by ECOYA, is the New Zealand candle brand’s first ever multi-wick candle, following the trend for very large candles for special occasions.

The fragranced soy wax candle weighs an impressive 2 kilos, and is housed in a massive elegant, white cut glass jar, with a fragrance of White Musk & Warm Vanilla created by Master Perfumer and our Nose of ECOYA, Isaac Sinclair. It has the freshness of citrus and leafy green notes that create a warm, mossy floral heart, atop a rich, creamy base of Sandalwood, Vanilla, Balsam and Musk.

The Grand Celebration is a larger version of the Celebration candle ($49.95) that Ecoya launched last year and which is so popular it is sold every 45 seconds. There is also a Mini Celebration candle at a smaller size and pricepoint, all dwarved by this granddaddy of candles that will be a perfect gift for birthdays, engagements, christenings, weddings and any special event.

“Lighting a candle provides an opportunity to create those moments in time that are destined to never be forgotten. One note of a half forgotten fragrance, is enough to place us at the heart of every moment ever lived – be it birth, life, love or death.”

Ecoya Grand Celebration Candle is $99.99 from stockists and in store from August 2015.

Megan Robinson
28th July 2015


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