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Tips for clearing out your closet

When was the last time that you cleared out your closet? You probably can’t even remember. Well, every fashionista knows that it’s important to clear and reorganize their wardrobe at the end of every season, ready for what the season and the New Year has to offer. While fake fur and velvet might have been in last Christmas, it’s always nice to update your wardrobe.

Little known fact about me; I collect old sewing patterns. They have to be before photographs were taken of garments, just hand drawn illustrations.

Clearing out your closet has the added benefit of making new room for some new key pieces, as you say goodbye to old and worn garments that you no longer wear or use. So if you keep putting it off, then follow these top tips to make clearing out your closet a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Get organized

A disorganized and untidy closet is a definite no if you want to best see which outfits you can still use or wear. You can start by sorting out your clothes according to the season that you are in, so make sure that you take out all summer garments and either put them in the attic or at the back of your wardrobe until you next use them. Make sure to put in some mothballs to keep your delicates safe and secure from hungry pests too.


Now you have streamlined your wardrobe, it’s time to get organized. Start by sorting your clothes by color and cut. You could keep bodycon and tighter fitting outfits to one side, if you only use them for work or smart occasions, and have all sweaters together and all t-shirts by one another too. You should also invest in some decent hangers to keep your threads wrinkle free and off the floor, click for more information on the best hangers out there. Be sure to keep weekend wear and loungewear to one side too, so you can easily grab an outfit and snuggle up on the sofa while it’s cold and dark outside.

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Get rid of clothes you don’t use

We are all guilty of holding on to clothes that you no longer use, or worse, just don’t fit. So if you have an outfit that is too small or falling apart, then it’s time to say goodbye. Life is far too short to keep a wardrobe full of clothes that don’t make you feel like a star. While it can be tedious reviewing your closet, in particular if lots of items are now too small, then make sure you persevere – it will all pay off. You could consider inviting your friends over and holding a clothes swap, a great way to gain a whole new wardrobe for absolutely nothing. Anything that neither you nor your friends will wear can be donated to a good cause. So remember, if you haven’t worn something in over a year then its time to let it go and get rid.


Check out your accessories

Any girl knows that accessories make or break an outfit. In fact, you may be surprised by the amount of accessories that you have, and simply don’t use. From cute hats and gloves to shoes and heels, reusing accessories is a great way to save money – plus you can use styles that have come back into fashion. Start with your jewelry. A statement necklace or a pair of earrings is a great way to inject some sparkle and color into your work wardrobe. Next, focus on your footwear, as this will finish off your outfit. If you have some much-loved boots that need new soles, then be sure to pop into your local tailors to get them ready for you to use. Finally, hats and colorful scarves will jazz up a tired old jacket and coat. It pays to be resourceful when clearing out your closet – as you are sure to come across some hidden gems back there in the darkness.


Have a rotational system

Your closet might be a lot smaller than Sarah Jessica Parker’s, but if you want to get seriously organized then consider using a rotational system for your outfits. Plan what you are going to wear over a two week period and make sure that you have each outfit ready for you to grab straight off the hanger. You could begin with four pairs of shoes, three jackets and four dresses to start. Then add a pair of trousers and some fabulous shirts for week two. Remember to include your newly found accessories too, to really make yourself feel fabulous. Using a rotational system not only helps with your daily dressing worries, but it will also make you appreciate and use all the clothes that you already have – removing any temptation to reach for your credit card or hit the shops. So if you are on a budget, or trying to cut down on your shopping sprees, then try rotating your outfits to see if your urges subside.


Help your friends

Now you’ve cleared out your own closet, then why not help your friends out too. It’s always more fun to share and enjoy time with your loved ones, plus they will appreciate your opinion when it comes to deciding what to keep and which items to get rid of. Plus, you could even make a day of it, by putting on some upbeat music and even enjoying a pampering session afterwards before you try on all your new outfits.

Citta pillowcase and mugs from new season collection, Elevation, inspired by the colours of Bolivia.

If the thought of clearing out your closet fills you with dread, then worry not. In fact, it’s easy to inject some much-needed life back into your outfits if you get rid of clothes that no longer fit you and are brutal when it comes to sorting out your garments. Make sure that you check out the accessories you already own to give any outfit a new lease of life. Finally, why not consider sharing your newfound tips with your friends? Plus, you can fill all that wardrobe space with your December sales bargains.

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15th December 2017

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