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Tips for Ordering Your Prom Dress Online

Some teen girls have literally experienced shopping nightmares in ordering their prom dress online, from it arriving late to it not being the dress that was advertised in the photo. If you are interested in beating these odds and still purchase your dress online, it’s important that you follow these tips and guidelines to ensure you get the proper sized dress on time with no mishaps.

Tips for Ordering Your Prom Dress Online

  • Shop early for your prom dress because if you are ordering your dress online, you need to allow extra time for both shipping and alterations. Some prom dress websites even have an option where you can enter a “need by” date, meaning the date you need your dress by.
  • Avoid being scammed by choosing a well-known authorized prom dress dealer. If you look on a designer’s website, they’ll list which online websites carry their dresses. In addition, take time to research the site, read reviews, and call its phone number to make sure it actually exists and isn’t a disconnected number and business just trying to get your money.
  • Take your measurements properly so you don’t end up with a dress way too small. You are not shopping for 2016 prom dresses at Chicagoland super store where you can easily try on the next dress size if the current one doesn’t fit. Typically, each designer features their own sizing chart, which you’ll see by the dress you’re interested in. To ensure you order the right size, take your measurements with a tape measure and measure at the fullest part of your bust, two inches above your natural waistline, and the widest part of your hips. Look for the closest match of your measurements on the sizing chart and if you are between sizes, order the size up, as it’s easier to take a dress in than let it out. Keep in mind that most dresses are 58″ to 60″ long and you may need to make a special order if you are tall and you want a floor-length gown.
  • Research the website’s shipping guidelines. Do they start processing your order within a few days and have your fully embroidered mermaid prom dresses ready to ship within seven to ten days? You don’t want to get scammed by a company who waited until the last minute to send your dress. Remember to do your research so you find a company like the first one.
  • Know the website’s return policy. Some stores have strict return policies to deter teen girls from wearing the dress to prom and then returning it to get a full refund, which is a policy that may bite customers with real issues in the rear end. Find a reputable online store that will let you return or exchange a dress for free within the first 5 days or a store that allows return and exchange for a minimal restocking fee up to the need-by date. However, all the original tags must be secure to eliminate the notion that you wore the dress out.

Now that you know how to avoid certain pitfalls of online dress ordering, you are ready to order your prom dress online and save extra money.

10th December 2015


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