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Trendwatch: the round towel is the hot new beach accessory this summer

When shopping, most people are driven by the styles and fashion that other people seem to be interested in. though looking different has its own benefits, most people prefer fitting in and going with the taste of the majority. This mainly applies when you are going to a social gathering such as at parties.
Trendwatch: the round towel is the hot new beach accessory this summer

When looking for a towel to use at the beach or even at home, you need one that is useful to you. High absorbency and drying rates are some of the few features that you expect your towel to posses. The latest craze of round towels among beach goers is due to how trendy and amazing it looks. If you prefer some other type of towel for your beach visit, feel free to take it with you. Some of the things that you look for in towels are basic no matter how they are shaped or designed. One of the great options that you can go with for a beach visit is the round Turkish towels. Here are some good reasons that make most people want to invest in round a towel.

 Ample Space

When you visit the beach, you will at some point want to bask in the sun –especially a(er a dip in the cold sea waters. To ensure that when getting a tan you cover all areas of your body, you will need a towel with ample space. Round towels are designed in a manner that they offer you more space than regular towels. If you are not going to make your own round towel, you can easily get one online. Just keep in mind that there are some sizes that will just look ridiculous. Just because these towels are big, it doesn’t mean that you go and design one that’s the size of a small rooms’ carpet.


 Towel Durability

Another thing that has made the round towels to become very trendy among most people visiting the beach is their durability. They are designed with a high water absorbency that makes them great for drying off that cold sea water. As a result of how these towels being made with several layers of fabric, they tend to stay useful for a long time. Unlike cotton towels, they do not tend to get rough or form cloth balls due to washing them too many times.


 Wide Variety

Most of the towels in the market only tend to come in plain colours which can make them look boring at times. To standout while at the beach, you will need to have a cool round towel. Given that the round towels not only come in different colours by also some great designs. Whether you want to represent your country or yourself at the beach, these towels can easily do that for you. Though custom made towels can be a bit expensive, you will soon find out that the price is worth it. With printed designs and way cuter patterns, these towels are really making ways.ConclusionTrends play a very big role in the modern world than just a group of people/product looking great. Most businesses nowadays depend on trends to either start or promote their businesses. For example if your business deals with things used at the beach, you could use the trendy round towels to advertise it to the right audience.

Jeniffer Page
5th December 2016


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