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Vintage Clothes That Are Making a Comeback

Isn’t it amazing when we look back at old movies or family photographs and we see those fashions from long-ago that we always tend to look at them with affection? Even if we never got to wear those clothes ourselves and have only ever seen them on TV or in magazines, it just proves how real fashion and beauty is completely timeless. Once, you had to go to a fancy-dress party – or be a little bit eccentric – to wear these clothes in the 21st century, but thankfully many styles are making a comeback, and we can all enjoy wearing them whenever we want. What are the most popular types of vintage clothing that are coming back to the high street stores?

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Hats have never really gone out of style, but they changed a lot. Instead of the beautiful – often handmade – headwear that stars of the silver screen in the 1940s and 1950s wore daily, the modern-day man or woman is more likely to wear a baseball cap or woolly hat, if anything at all. Back then, however, hats were part of everyday wear, and it could even be frowned upon if you went out without one. One of the latest fashions to return to us from vintage times is the daytime hat, beautiful and effortless, they really make a statement. No more is it just a case of wearing a baseball cap to cover a bad hair day – now you can wear a hat and really enjoy it.

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Bathing Costumes

As time has marched on, so swimming or bathing costumes seem to have grown smaller (and cost more for less material!). Back in the day, swimming costumes were much more robust, covering a lot more of the body. It was a good look, since the costume was made to accentuate the curves and look attractive. Today’s costumes are more shapeless (in a one piece) or uncomfortable (bikinis fall foul of this issue), but in the past a bathing suit was something you could wear all day on the beach and not even have to think about. These longer, more modest suits are returning – hurray!


A muff is a cylindrical item, usually lined with soft material and covered in the same, that two hands can fit into. It is held in front of the body and is an alternative to gloves. Now, a muff may not be the most practical of items in this modern age when women (because it is women who wear muffs, after all) now drive, work, do many more ‘hands on’ things than they did in the early 20th century when muffs were worn regularly, but that doesn’t mean it is something of beauty that should be used only on special occasions. Muffs are perfect for cold winter days when you go for a stroll or – perhaps most iconic of all – when you go ice skating. Pair the muff with a long woollen coat and a hat and you will look every inch the sophisticate.



We all know about corsets from movies such as Gone With The Wind, where they are shown to be particularly uncomfortable, cumbersome items that make it difficult to breathe or even move much. Yet they do look lovely and offer a woman an interesting shape, ideal for wearing under a dress. Today’s corsets are very different, and although they still give the same great shape, they are also much easier and comfortable to wear. Many people love to wear a corset these days, either because they love the flattering look that it gives, or because it is part of their ‘steampunk’ persona. Find a corset deal and you can enjoy that same feeling of knowing you look amazing.


Head Scarves

Head scarves were a staple of the 1940s and 1950s when daytime hats were not being worn. They were worn for practical reasons, to keep hair out of the eyes and out of the way during housework, but after a time, younger people started to wear them as a fashion accessory. Although their popularity did fade away after a time, they are beginning to come back with a vengeance. Now you can buy head scarves in all manner of patterns and colours, and they can be worn at any time for any occasion. Once you have got to grips with how to tie them, wearing them is easy – and fun!



There was a brief time, in the 1950s, when petticoats and full skirts were worn with abandon. Petticoats made of many layers of lace (the more the better) were worn under these already stiff skirts to give a rounded look. Sadly, the fashion didn’t last for long, and when the swinging 60s arrived those petticoats were seen as old fashioned. Today we call them vintage and they are back. It started with petticoats for small children, but the trend soon caught on and now adults are enjoying wearing them too.



Have you ever noticed how many women wore gloves in the old movies? Not just woollen winter gloves, but thinner everyday gloves during the spring and summer too? It was a fashion accessory that cried out glamour and style. Sadly, the wearing of thin, cotton gloves disappeared, but its comeback, although a slow one, has definitely begun. It could be because people are now spending a lot of money on keeping their nails looking healthy, so they want to protect them from the elements (hot and cold). We don’t know, but we’re glad it’s happening – everyday gloves are stunning and lend an air of chicness to anyone’s wardrobe.


Neck Scarves

Pretty cotton neck scarves, tied to one side, the tails dangling down the wearer’s back or over their shoulder are as beautiful today as they ever were in their heyday, and this is another vintage fashion we’re glad is returning. The idea started in France, where many of the greatest fashion icons began life, but soon spread across the western world, giving everyone a touch of Hollywood glamour.


1st December 2017

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