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We’re loving: New Zealand label Désirée

We’re loving: New Zealand fashion label Désirée, and you will love Desiree Turner’s chic yet wearable designs, too…

Introducing Désirée

Désirée, the New Zealand label eponymous with her motto ‘comfortablychic’, has released the new Autumn/Winter 2017 collection entitled ‘Gaijin’. Inspired by a trip to Japan last year, designer Desiree Turner was amazed to find a modern country that shows a great love and respect for their heritage and quickly fell in love with their way of life.

Zero Fabric Waste

Spurred on by Japan’s innovation and the culture of making use of small spaces, Désirée begins to dabble in the world of Zero Fabric Waste items by the Miyo Coat and Sai Dress. With this method, patterns are mindfully designed, laid out and cut in such a way that every bit of the fabric is used in the finished pieces.

The Japanese aesthetic

Experiencing Japan as a ‘gaijin’ (Japanese word for ‘foreigner’), Desiree noted that the Japanese have a different sense of aesthetic. “The street fashion in Japan was so much fun to watch. The younger generation put a lot of time and effort into what they wear, and treat their outfit like an artistic expression of themselves. On the other hand, the women have an effortless chic style which looks both great and comfortable. My brand’s motto is ‘comfortablychic’ so naturally I was drawn to this aspect.”

The new collection 

Désirée’s appreciation for the culture shows in a subtle manner throughout the collection. The loose, casual fit of the Dai Knit Dress pays homage to the effortlessly chic Japanese women while staying true to the brand’s core aesthetic.

Inspiration from Japan

Floral fabrics were chosen for Dai items as a nod to the breathtaking Japanese gardens. Striking weave details on the Tama items was inspired by castles’ rock walls and kichō hangings (silk partitions) still used today outside traditional Japanese restaurant doors. The Tora (Tiger) dress features a V-shaped fold on the front, a homage to Japanese pattern making technique.

See it online!

To check out the collection in full, visit

To find out more about the label and ‘comfortably chic’ mantra, visit

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17th March 2017

Dai Knit Dress

Miyo Coat


Sai Dress

Tama Top

Nori Dress

Nori Skirt

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13th March 2017
Megan Robinson