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What Should You Be Wearing to the Gym?

Whether you have just started to visit the gym, or you want to think about what your wearing, there are many types of gym wear on the market. Most of them are all about comfort and about showing their branding, but you should think carefully before you decide. Just because something is comfortable to wear at home or in the coffee shop, doesn’t mean it will be good on the treadmill.


Here are some ideas of the best types of sportswear to wear in the gym.



The brand of sportswear you buy is an individual preference; some people prefer the style and fit of particular brands, so be sure to visit a store (whether online or offline) that sells a selection of fitness brands, and try as many as possible until you settle on the best fit for you. When deciding, it is important when choosing gym wear that you make sure it fits properly and will give you the support you need. It is particularly true with women as they need a sports bra that will protect them as well as give them good support. It is worth spending a little extra time trying on different brands, even the generic store brands, just in case you come across something that you like.



Sports and fitness footwear is big business with many assorted brands all trying to gain your purchase. The choice you make has to be as much about the type of exercise you are doing as how they look. If you choose the wrong one for your exercise, it can leave you with problems later. If you are going to the gym to use the machines, then you will need a generic type of trainer. It needs to have good support for your feet and also good grip, so you don’t slip on the treadmill. If you want to do a lot of running whether, at the gym or outside, you should choose a more specialised running trainer. It will have greater cushioning and support for your feet which will lessen the likelihood of blisters and damage to the knees. The same goes for if you’re more of a cyclist or weightlifter.


Sports Tops

Depending on the time of year and your particular gym, you could find that it is too hot or too cold when you get there. You will get to know what sort of clothing you need to stay at the right temperature, though making sure you wear a few layers will help you to regulate your body. When you are thinking of what types of the shirt to wear, it depends on what you are comfortable wearing. Some people like to wear a tight-fitting top because they prefer to have the support and don’t like shirts that are too baggy. However, others like to wear looser clothing because it keeps them cooler. The thing to remember is that you want a material that will help your body to breathe, but not necessarily sees any sweat marks. In general, many people prefer tighter tops for high impact workouts and looser tops for yoga and other more relaxing exercises.

Shorts or Track Bottoms

As with tops, wearing shorts or track bottoms is a personal choice, though it can also help with cooling the body. If the gym is warm or the weather outside is hot, then wearing shorts will help you to stay cooler. If you are self-conscious about your legs, or you find it difficult to keep your legs warmed up, then track bottoms can be useful. As with the tops, you want shorts or track bottoms that have a breathable material and are comfortable to wear. With leggings, ones that sit higher on the hips are better as this lessens the likelihood that they will fall. If you are wearing shorts, don’t go for ones that are too small or they will rub and be a nuisance. Longer and baggier shorts are the best way to go.

Outdoor Coats

You might not think that this is relevant, but you will need to think about what type of coat you will be wearing to and from the gym. On your way there, you want something that will keep you warm, though when you leave, you might be too hot wearing it after your workout. Try to wear one that is light enough that you can pack it away if you don’t need it. Similarly, if it’s snowing outside, you will quickly cool down so make sure you have a warm coat.


Wearing certain accessories to the gym is ok if you know that they are not going to irritate you during your exercise. For example, simple rings or necklaces can be fine if they do not irritate you, however, chains around the neck can become a problem, especially when running, so it can be best to leave them in your locker. You also need to think about whether you want to listen to music as you exercise. If you are planning on using your phone or an MP3 player to listen to music, then you will need somewhere to put it as you work out. There are special armbands that you can wear which have a pouch for your gadget so that you can listen, or you can put it in your pocket if you have any. If you don’t want any distractions when you exercise, and you find the ambient noise an issue, then you can wear earplugs. There are different types including moldable ones that fit your ear.


Smart Watches

Smart watches and exercise bands have become incredibly popular in recent years, even for those that don’t do any routing exercise. Many of them will tell you how many steps you have taken as well as how many calories you have burned. They can be a good thing to wear to the gym as you can keep a record of your workout, though you need one that will match what exercises you do. If you like to swim, then you will need a watch that is waterproof to a depth of at least 30 meters, which many of them are not.

Wearing the right clothes and accessories when going to the gym doesn’t only make you look good, it can also make the whole experience much more comfortable.


9th January 2018

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