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Whitecliffe Fashion Show 2016

Whitecliffe Fashion Show 2016 photographs by Annupam Photos, showcasing fashion by the graduates of 2016 held at 6pm on Sunday 20th November at Auckland’s Viaduct Events Centre.

Lianne Saunders of Whitecliffe College of Arts & Design, based in Parnell, Auckland, said, “Whitecliffe Fashion Design graduates think creatively, take risks, and have a high level of industry standard technical skill. They are innovators with a personal vision who build careers as highly respected professionals within the fashion industry.”

“The annual Whitecliffe Fashion Show is an opportunity to see the directional and unique collections presented by emerging designers from Years 2, 3 and 4 of the Whitecliffe BFA Fashion Design programme.” 

Here, we showcase a selection of photos of year 4, the graduating class of the programme. All photography by for featuring the designs by Chloe Kwon, Dawn Zhang, Gado Shiu, Georgia Lloyd, Gracie Antonievich, Maral Salmanpour, Minxi Chen, Olivia Cashmore, and Tannaz B.

Chloe Kwon


Dawn Zhang

Dawn ZhangDawn ZhangDawn ZhangDawn ZhangDawn Zhang

Gado Shiu

Gado ShiuGado ShiuGado ShiuGado ShiuGado Shiu

Georgia Lloyd

Georgia LloydGeorgia LloydGeorgia LloydGeorgia LloydGeorgia Lloyd

Gracie Antonievich

Gracie AntonievichGracie AntonievichGracie Antonievichgracie-6577

Maral Salmanpour

Maral SalmanpourMaral SalmanpourMaral SalmanpourMaral SalmanpourMaral Salmanpour

Minxi Chen

Minxi ChenMinxi ChenMinxi ChenMinxi ChenMinxi ChenMinxi Chen

Olivia Cashmore

Olivia CashmoreOlivia CashmoreOlivia CashmoreOlivia CashmoreOlivia CashmoreOlivia CashmoreOlivia Cashmore

Tannaz B


Megan Robinson

Photos all by
23rd November 2016


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