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Why classic accessories are a girl’s best friend

Everyone has that fashion regret – that handbag you picked up on clearance, those shoes that were 40% off, that ring from the markets that’s starting to turn your finger green. When it comes to the ‘little extras’ of our outfits, it seems like a waste of money to splash out. However, we’re spending more money than ever before on clothes because they’ve become so cheap and disposable. Investing in timeless pieces instead of buying a new handbag every three months that’s destined to either fall apart or fall out of style, will not only save money in the long run, but have you looking chic.


It’ll go with (almost) everything you’re wearing

Yeah, that fringed leather purse looks cute, but how many outfits really benefit from an Old Western touch? An iconic watch or handbag design from Cartier doesn’t need bows and ruffles to stand out, and it can be paired with any outfit. You can dress a classic piece up or down, whether it’s Sunday brunch, after-work cocktails or that life-changing job interview.

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It’ll last

When it comes to fashion, ‘lasting’ can mean two things. Firstly, will it physically hold up to your lifestyle? Can you wear those killer heels night after night without breakage? Secondly, will you still want that bracelet or purse in six months? Or a year? It’s easy to get swept up in the latest craze, but steer away from buying an on-trend headband that’ll make you cringe when you go through your Instagram in a year’s time. Louis Vuitton hasn’t changed their signature design in a century because it’s the epitome of style – chic, sophisticated and timeless.


It’s a real statement

Many of us feel that we need the latest products to be seen as fashion-forward and in the know. When you buy something at the height of its trend, though, it’s the opposite. Instead of standing out in the crowd, you look just like everyone else. Nothing shows that you’re serious about fashion like a classic couture handbag or chic diamond studs. Luxury will always turn heads. Mix up your investment pieces with new-season shirts or party dresses to give your outfit that extra oomph.


It can have a second life

If you take a look at online second-hand websites like Trade Me and Designer Wardrobe, you’ll always see hundreds of people trying to sell last season’s fast-fashion pieces and getting little, if anything, in return. Remember, if you don’t want those shiny rose-gold heels that were on-trend last year, chances are, no one else will either. A designer watch or a Kate Spade bag, however, will still be desirable years after you first bought it. If it’s in good condition, you may even get a price that’s relatively close to what you paid in the first place, which is great if you’re ever strapped for cash, ready to move on, or downsizing your stuff. It means nothing goes to landfill, which is great for the planet, too!

10th June 2017

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